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Blackhawks Military Roots on Prospect’s New Mask

Blackhawks Military Roots on Prospect’s New Mask
Kent Simpson Blackhawks Mask left side

Kent Simpson isn’t likely to spend any time with the big club this season, but the promising Chicago Blackhawks prospect paid tribute to team that drafted him 58th overall in 2010 with his beautiful new mask anyway.

Painted by Alberta-based artist Jason Bartziokas, who began working with Simpson during his junior career with the Everett Silvertips of the Western Hockey League, the new mask features a military tribute to the Chicago Blackhawks’ first owner.

“There is so much history behind an Original-6 team that brainstorming the design becomes easier for me and the client,” Bartziokas told InGoal. “Last year Kent Simpson’s mask payed tribute to Fredric McLaughlin, the Blackhawks first owner who named the team after his World War I Infantry Division, ‘The Blackhawks.’ This year, Simpson continues to pay homage to Mclaughlin’s division and the military on left side of the mask.”

Simpson, who posted a .912 save percentage in the ECHL and a .924 in two AHL games as a first-year pro last season, gave Bartziokas free reign for the right side.

“Being granted artistic freedom and myself an admirer of Native American art and culture, I wanted to incorporate traditional elements throughout out the mask that would tie into the jersey and logo nicely,” Bartziokas said.

Judging from the results (below), the painter more than pulled it off with this stunning new mask. You can find more from Bartziokas on his Facebook Page as well as on Instagram. He doesn’t have a company website but said he can be reached through Facebook, by email at [email protected], or on Twitter.

With stunning masks like this, we expect he’ll be getting quite a few calls soon from goalies everywhere:

Kent Simpson Blackhawks Mask left side

Kent Simpson Blackhawks Mask right side

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon

    Beautiful artwork on Kent Simpson’s new mask. The detail is amazing especially with the Native elder’s face and expression. He looks like he’s been a hard worker all his life and just being an all around caring person. I can see by not only the face of the chief’s face that Jason Bartziokas put a lot of research as well as love and care into his painting. I can see by the way he’s arranged each part of the painting one section compliments another.

    I would’ve liked to have seen the top, front and backplate as well but possibly he will send you those pictures in the not so distant future.

    The part that gets me is that the goalie (in many if not all cases has to pay to have their mask painted and before 40 games have been played it has many battle scares. I know these things happen as I had a close friend paint several murals on my Harley back in 1994 and 24 days after I picked it up I hit a deer and that took care of all his beautiful work but the beautiful eagle he painted on the fairing and it now hangs in my kitchen. You could say that it is a great conversation piece.

    It’s like a well worn mask, you can always hang it up some where or you could be like Panger and have the NHL Hall of Fame put it on display. Enough said.

    Great job Jason Bartziokas. If I can suggest to you, that when this mask gets around and the hockeyt world many people will have see it and you just might have to open up a website so you might as well open it now so you can be prepared. I wish you all the best in your future of painting goalies masks and may God richly Bless you..

  2. Matt in Montreal

    Really amazing!

    The photorealisism and POP of the graphics is second-to-none.

    Great job.

  3. snibboDmoT

    Fantastic mask! It’s good to finally see the 86th Infantry Division insignia featured, I’ve always thought it should be on the shoulders of their sweaters.

  4. Paul

    Now that – is a BEAUTIFUL design – well laid out. Will look good from the stands and up close. Nice job!