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Chocolate Mount Rushmore on Capitals/Hershey Mask

Chocolate Mount Rushmore on Capitals/Hershey Mask

David Leggio 2013-14 Washington Capitals Mask right sideFor goalies on two-way contracts it’s not always easy to combine the NHL team you sign with and the AHL you are likely to spend most of the season with on a new mask, especially since everyone’s preference is to be in the Big Leagues.

David Leggio struck a perfect balance on his new Washington Capitals-Hershey Bears lid for the 2013-14 season.

Painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx, the mask is a beautiful blend of iconic images from both cities and teams, including rendering of Mount Rushmore on the right side that not only works in Washington, but was painted to look as if it was made out of chocolate, a nod to the sweet (and ongoing) candy-making history of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

A Hershey Kiss wrapper flies above the edible Mount Rushmore, while below it are images of the Hershey Chocolate Factory and a roaring bear, all painted in colours that compliment Washington’s farm team. On the other side, in bold Capitals’ colours, are images of the White House, US Capital Building, Abraham Lincoln, and soldiers planting an American flag. the famous scene of Marines planting the American Flag at Iwo Jima.

A Washington Capitals logo spreads its wings across the chin, while the backplate is a nod to Leggio’s hometown of Buffalo, his alma mater, Clarkson University, and a “Davis Pins” nickname that involves a bowling league.

For more  more great masks, check out the HeadStrongGrafx website, as well as on Twitter, and FaceBook.

In the meantime, enjoy Leggio’s latest. It works whether you are a fan of the Capitals, the Bears, or just great-looking goalie masks:


David Leggio 2013-14 Washington Capitals Mask left side


David Leggio 2013-14 Washington Capitals Mask right side


David Leggio 2013-14 Washington Capitals Mask backplate

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  1. Ian Wotherspoon

    Awesome paint job – great looking Mask. Jason Livery is to be commended because he did a fantastic job and each team is represented well by a very talented artist who knows what he’s doing. I also like what he did with the backplate.

    Great Job!

  2. Ric Porta

    Great job combining both cities and the art work is amazing! The details the people are able to paint on masks have been incredible lately, it is true art work that doesn’t get enough recognition. I’ve always been interested in what goalies have painted on their masks and wished the tv would zero in on them every game, even more when visiting teams come and we don’t get to see those goalies as much.
    Thank goodeness I found this site so I can see all the new masks in great detail!

  3. charlie yankee

    The “soldiers” are the Marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi in the battle for Iwo Jima, during WWII.

  4. Michael

    You said the White House? Looks like the Capital building to me.