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Gibson’s Marlies Mask Dilemma Is A Window On A Trade

Gibson’s Marlies Mask Dilemma Is A Window On A Trade

Chris Gibson Marlies Mask1It happens. Goaltenders get traded, they change teams. Nothing unusual in that.

A new team naturally means a new mask. Offseason moves allow plenty of time for design. Generally, with in-season trades, a new lid will show up within a few weeks.

On rare occasions, though, a trade happens just as the mask you and your mask artist have been working on is ready to be released to the public. The one for the team you just got traded from.

That’s what happened to Chris Gibson and mask artist Sylvie Poitras this week. Two days after unveiling his new Toronto Marlies mask, Gibson was traded to the New York Islanders as part of a multi-player deal.

Late summer is a hectic time of the year for mask artists under any circumstances. With goalies at all levels wanting their new gear before the season starts, artists are under the gun. When there’s a drastic change like this, it can make things more complicated.

Chris Gibson Marlies Mask2And Gibson’s Marlies look was one that he and Poitras had been building for some time, centered on the city of Toronto. Like previous seasons, Gibson and Poitras included the CN Tower to represent the city on one side of the mask. The other included a masked figure. The Marlies name—this year in font meant to recall the 1970s pop art movement—and logo were a prominent part of the design.

What happens now isn’t clear. When reached for comment Poitras could only say that she had never dealt with this situation before and had no information on what the next step would be. “We always want to do our work as fast and as good as possible for our goalies, so I will do the same for Chris,” she told InGoal in an email.

What is clear is that Gibson will be reporting to a brand new team just in time for training camp. Likely to be assigned to the Islanders’ AHL affiliate in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Gibson will have to make all of the normal arrangements for a player moving teams. But also, perhaps, a rush order for a new mask.

You can find more of Sylvie Poitras’s artwork at Airbrush Zap or follow her on Twitter at @zonorange.


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