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Cognitive + Motor Training Drill For Dexterity On The Ice

Are you ready to look foolish?

What am I saying?  You are a goalie – of course you are okay with that 😉

If you just skip to the video you might watch it and think – that looks cool and kinda crazy, but there is a method to the madness.

One of the toughest things to replicate in off-ice training, especially if you are not working with a strength coach or trainer, is the read-and-react element or the cognitive + motor element.  In other words, interpreting visual stimulus and then executing the correct motor response.

Sounds like what you need to do on the ice doesn’t it?

Although you don’t have the chance to read the angle of the stick or quick scan to see where your potential threats are around the net, it will still challenge your brain (and your body).

Here’s what it looks like…

I warned you – – it will make you look foolish.

This is meant to do in short repeated bursts – going longer is not necessarily better.  I suggest doing 4-5 reps of 10-seconds on and 10-seconds rest per set.

Do me a favour, please wear your knee pads.  Your knees already take a beating on the ice, don’t add to it off the ice.

Start at a slower pace, interpreting the card, executing the movement with quality.  If you are going fast but flailing, that is not making you a more deliberate, precise goalie, it is making you… a flailer, which might work from time to time, but let’s not make it your go-to style.



About The Author

Maria Mountain M.Sc.

Hockey strength and conditioning coach Maria Mountain, MSc specializes in off-ice training for hockey goalies. As the founder of and the owner of Revolution Sport Conditioning in London, Ontario, Maria has trained Olympic Gold medalists, a Stanley Cup Champ and athletes from MLB, NHL, AHL, CHL, CIS and more. Try Maria's Goalie Stretch Solution today.

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  1. Pete

    Really great drill. I think more unique drills like this are important, especially at younger ages because it adds interest and works to prevent mental fatigue. It’s also easy to do anywhere. Good stuff!