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Contest Winner

Just after midnight last night we collected all the entries for the contest (a little over 2400 of them) and had the computer generate one random number to select our winner.  Entry number 621 was our winner and we fired off an email to let him know the good news and to ask him to tell us a bit about himself and what he wants on the mask. Later this afternoon we received a reply and we now know who the lucky goalie is!

Once again a big thank you to Erich Ferguson at Resurrection Custom Painting who got the ball rolling on this and Warwick Masks for making it possible with one of their fantastic pro helmets.

Stay tuned in the new year for more great giveaways.

Here is the email we got back from our winner:

Wow… I am totally shocked. A painted professional Warwick Mask. I first want to say that, I am a big fan of InGoal Magazine. I am a student of the game and a goalie myself. I have not accomplished anything extraordinary in my pursuit of goaltending greatness, but I still continue to better my understanding of the Goalie position.
I have played goal since I was 9 yrs old and I am still learning how to improve my skill set. I am 42 now and I play old timers hockey for the Victoria Ol’ Pluckers at the Save On Foods Memorial Center ( SOFA ) every Wed night at 8:30 pm, unless something more important is on the schedule like Salmon Kings games, concerts, or Figure Skating competitions ( I hate it when we get bumped for that…). My Hockey team is sponsored by Galey Farms (chicken farm ) hence the Ol’ Pluckers name. We play in the Pacific Cup tournament sponsored by CARHA every year.
I have been in Victoria since 1990. I am in the Navy and have had the oportunity to play for the CFB Esquinmalt Tritons as a young guy and the Old Tritons as an over 35 player. It was somewhat competitive as we played in the VHL to tune up for the Nationals every year. We usually faired well at the Nationals due to the level of skill available within the VHL ( ex-Junior A & B, some Major Junior talent, and smattering of ex-pros…). We usually had a losing record within the VHL but it helped get the team focused on winning at the highest level provided within the Military environment.
I would love to get FOGHORN LEGHORN painted on the mask. Maybe, like, without feathers and in his boxers to hightlight the Ol’ Pluckers sponsor, Galey Farms. Hopefully get SHOEY on the chin area and the # 33, in the middle of a Maple Leaf, on the back. I would love to have my kids’ names on the back as well ” Ean & Isabelle “.
Again I wish to thank In Goal Magazine.
Jeff ” SHOEY ” Schouwstra

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  1. Fred Schechter

    Looks like you picked a wonderful winner!
    Plucked Foghorn Leghorn, AWESOME!

  2. RFleming

    I say congrat, I say, congratulations!

  3. Kraig

    Congratulations!!! I would love to see some pics when the mask is finished. Congrats again.

  4. Raymond

    Great original idea! You should have also gotten a 4 leaf clover, a rabbits foot and a horse shoe cuz man you are LUCKY!!!! Best of luck, CHEERS!

  5. Matt in Montreal

    Well, congratulations.

    I guess I can stop browsing cool Google images, and start browsing vinyl stickers 😉

  6. R

    Congrats Shoey! Great read.

  7. Shoey

    Thanks guys,
    I will certainly post the pics of the finished mask, on the site, when completed. I still can’t believe that I won such an incredible prize. I will be buying more lottery tickets just in case I get lucky again…