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Dubnyk debuts personal graphic on new Bauer 2S Pro

Devan Dubnyk

Devan Dubnyk debuted his new personalized graphic on a fresh set of Bauer Supreme 2S Pro pads and gloves at the annual NET360 Goalie Camp this week and the new gear had the Minnesota Wild No.1 reminiscing about his early days playing the position.

“We’re still kids inside, I still like to get new gear and look different,” Dubnyk told InGoal during the week-long camp in Kelowna, British Columbia put on by Alpha Hockey Agency. “It’s crazy thinking back as a kid when you were just getting into picking colors out of the store, or there are two or three color combinations of a set of pads you get to choose from, and now I am sitting here with Bauer creating my own graphic on a pad that no one else is going to have. It’s pretty fun to think back on it.”

Dubnyk’s new look is decidedly more subdued than the bold custom set of 2S Pro New York Rangers star Henrik Lundqvist debuted recently, and that is just fine by Dubnyk.

Devan Dubnyk talks to InGoal’s Kevin Woodley at Alpha Hockey’s Net 360 Camp in Kelowna, BC

“I’ve never been creative or ambituous enough to go that route; that’s just not how my mind works,” Dubnyk said with a laugh. “Bauer got me together with one of their graphic designers and I kind of gave him an idea of what I liked growing up and told him I like kind of a straight-line graphic look, so he created five or six different designs and we got on the phone and talked back and forth about what I liked, what I didn’t like, and we kind of pieced a few of them together and made a couple tweaks over two or three phone calls and dialed in the colors and they showed up and looked great.”

Dubnyk, who will continue to use the Vapor 1X leg channel he had on his Supreme 1S pads last season, said his new look was a “combination of things” he liked from past gear, including his Edmonton Oilers pads from 2013. But he expects to see a lot wilder designs once Bauer opens up the creative process made possible by the new C.O.R.TECH skin and digitally printed graphics to the public, which is expected to happen with the launch of the Supreme 2S Pro line in the spring.

“With the technology they have, the possibilities are endless, especially if you start giving that thought process and technology to people a little more artistic and original than myself,” Dubnyk said. “There are going to be some pretty crazy things showing up on goal pads in the next few years.”


Dubnyk opted for the 1X leg channel with his new Supreme 2S pads.