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Eddie Lack Traded To Calgary

Eddie Lack Traded To Calgary

In the run up to the opening day of free agency, the Carolina Hurricanes have traded Eddie Lack to the Calgary Flames, in a move that clears out their tangled crease and saves them a bit of money against the cap.

The Hurricanes had found themselves with too many goaltenders after they traded for and re-signed Scott Darling in April from Chicago. This left them with the need to find a new home for either Lack or for Cam Ward. Given Ward’s tenure with the organization (and slightly higher salary), Lack was the more likely option for a trade or even a buyout.

In his two seasons in Carolina, struggled to fit in with Carolina’s more aggressive goaltending ethos under David Marcoux. In 54 games with the club, his overall save percentage was only .902 (.918 at 5 on 5).

He also dealt with multiple concussions while in Raleigh, one of which kept him out the lineup for several months this year.

The Flames, under goaltending coach Jordan Sigalet, have a somewhat different approach. Mike Smith, too, uses a more conservative depth approach, and this might have a positive influence for Lack. The Flames at any rate have found a backup for Smith at a reasonable $1.375M against their cap. Furthermore he’s one who has the potential to return to a more solid performance as he did in Vancouver between 2013 and 2015 .

The move takes one more spot away from the several pending free agents looking for a home. Goalies like Brian Elliott, Steve Mason, and Jonathan Bernier are still looking for a landing spot, but most of the openings are for backups or 1B goaltenders rather than clear starters.

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