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Eddie Lack’s concussion fine with a white-hot Ward

Eddie Lack’s concussion fine with a white-hot Ward

The Carolina Hurricanes have lost goaltender Eddie Lack to concussion.

The backup, who has been struggling with his numbers this season in sporadic starts, went down with the head injury during practice while working on dump-ins. InGoal learned he hit his head during a scramble back to re-corral the puck; now, he’s on injured reserve and doesn’t have a clear timetable for return.

For the Hurricanes, that could have been devastating news. The former Vancouver Canucks number two has the capability to serve as a 1B instead of just an occasional backup – and if that’s how the fall season was expected to play out, the Metropolitan Division club could have found themselves in some trouble.

Luckily, though, this is the most opportune time for Carolina to be without their number two.

Cam Ward

Cam Ward

Head coach Bill Peters is in a good situation right now, despite the injury – and it’s all because starter Cam Ward is performing heads and shoulders above where his critics predicted he would this year.

He’s sitting on a 6-4-3 record and a .916 save percentage on the year, boasting the honor of one of the league’s players of the week and a confidence in his game that wasn’t seen consistently last year. The Hurricanes alluded to playing him frequently as long as he’s doing well, giving indication that Lack possibly wouldn’t have been back in net until the team hit their next back-to-back.

Of course, it’s bad news to see a goaltender with a head injury. Lack is an optimistic, affable backup that fans love for his positive morale and good spirits – even when he’s not the team’s best-performing netminder. He’s good in a pinch if things go south with Ward’s play, and he’s proven to be a probable candidate for improvement after slow starts to his seasons.

Despite this, though, the Hurricanes could be in a much worse situation with his injury – but Ward’s good play ensures they’re in the right hands in the interim. He’s reading situations well and following his own rebounds with confidence; as long as that continues, the Hurricanes could continue to win, even with just one of their NHL-caliber goaltenders on the active roster.

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  1. dumblegoalie

    “6-4-3 record and a .916 save percentage on the year” : I don’t know what your definition of “white hot” is, but these numbers are pretty much league average.

    • Peter puck

      His november number are well above average..


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