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Edge Protech – Innovative Goalie Product

edgeprotechI spoke with Joe Messina and Stan Matwijiw who created and market the “Edge Protech” a product that is as innovative as it is simple in its use. In a nutshell, it is a hard rubber protector for the bottom of the posts, to be used in warm-ups and practices.

The Protech prevents serious nicks in a goalie’s edges that can seriously damage their blades before games begin, and may also save users money on sharpenings that could otherwise be avoided.

Joe and Stan tell us a bit about how they created the product, how they are used, and why they are important. As a guy who grew up in the days of dull blades and yearly sharpening, last year I would have been surprised to hear that these are used at all levels of hockey, including every NHL rink. This year I discovered the amazing difference that sharp edges – and learning to use them – can make on your game.

I hope you enjoy learning a bit about the EdgeProtech and if you want more information be sure to visit their web site.

The Edge Protech was used at the NHL All-Star Game - as it is in every NHL rink.

The Edge Protech was used at the NHL All-Star Game - as it is in every NHL rink.

photos courtesy of Edge Protech, LLC

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  1. Carolyn O'Leary

    Wish this was used where I play hockey! I hate the sound of newly sharpened blades ringing off a metal post.