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Blues Elliott Swaps Casey Jones for Moose Mask

Blues Elliott Swaps Casey Jones for Moose Mask

Brian Elliott 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask right sideSt. Louis Blues goaltender Brian Elliott has sported some great looking, borderline-iconic masks in the past.

Elliott’s use of a hockey-stick wielding Casey Jones character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame had become a signature – he was even featured breaking the chains of the NHL lockout on last season’s mask – or so we thought.

Turns out Elliott wanted something new that he could really call his own, so worked with personal painter Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx to come up with an “identity mask,” something “completely different from his old designs.”

“He loves the idea of an iconic design like a Cujo, Potvin, or Belfour,” Livery said. “So we came up with this design keeping his moose trademark as the base of the design. This new design will  be the look for his masks from here on out.”

Even better, the aggressive-looking Moose that is the centrepiece of Elliott’s new mask comes with a great back story.

It has roots in Mr. Moose, the character that Elliott displayed on the backplate of past masks as a tribute to the late Owen Scott, a champion moose caller who taught Elliott the skill, something he has become well known for.

The mask is set St. Louis team colours and includes small Blues logos worked into the background around the chin.

Enjoy the close ups of both sides and the backplate, which continues the Mr. Moose trend, below. And for more great masks from Livery, check out the HeadStrong Grafx website, as well as on Twitter, and on their FaceBook page, and here in the InGoal archives.


Brian Elliott 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask left side



Brian Elliott 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask right side


Brian Elliott 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask front



Brian Elliott 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask backplate

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  1. Sudais

    This is very nice mask!

  2. EricD

    One of the better masks I have seen going into this season!

  3. Petter

    Reminds me of Ryan Miller’s mask.

    • Nick

      Agreed. It looks identical to Ryan Millers mask. I like the moose on the backplate. I am not a big fan of the design.

  4. SJ

    Hedberg is already known as The Moose!!

  5. Paddy

    If I didn’t know he played for the blues and the blues jersey on the back head plate, I could swear it looks like a Predator mask……but still a great paint job!

    • DSM

      Maybe he knows something we don’t 😉

  6. Paul

    It’s like when your kid comes home from school and shows you a piece of art they created. You look at it, have no idea what it is, then they tell you, it’s…whatever they see and you say “oh that’s beautiful”. Don’t get me wrong, the artwork is great – to me it looks like they took Ryan Miller’s mask and modified it. I don’t however, see a moose.