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Are Your Eyes Ready? The Ideal Visual Warmup for Goaltenders

Are Your Eyes Ready? The Ideal Visual Warmup for Goaltenders
In the May issue of InGoal Magazine we published VisionQuest, an in-depth look at the importance of training the visual system. For the article, InGoal spoke with several pros, including Braden Holtby whose pre-game visual routine is becoming the stuff of legend. One of our leading resources in the article was Josh Tucker of TrueFocus Vision Training (formerly, Envision Sports) who is quickly becoming a leader in vision training for goaltenders. Tucker works with a growing stable of pros today who want to be sure they leave no stone unturned in their quest to be the best in the world at their craft.



Braden Holtby was just one of the many people InGoal spoke with in preparing the VisionQuest article. Some of the elements of Holtby’s pregame routine are captured in the TrueVision warmup – and much more.

Today, Tucker shares with us a fantastic video detailing step-by-step an ideal visual warmup for goaltenders. It includes several exercises to prepare your entire visual system before transitioning into a number of targeted ball drills that will ready you for the ice like a pro.

If you’re haphazardly tossing a ball before games in hopes of being ready or worse, not doing anything before you play because you don’t know where to start – this video is for you. Take a few minutes to enjoy the video. Take notes. Practice. You now have a routine that will make a difference the next time you step on the ice.

We’re willing to be that this will become a go-to resource for all of our readers.


Ready for more vision training to take your game to the next level?

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