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GoaliePro Shares Finland’s Secret Goaltending Success

GoaliePro Shares Finland’s Secret Goaltending Success

Ever wonder why Finland produces so many top-level goaltenders despite being such a small country?

Is it their early implementation of a national goaltending coach program, their insistence on actually having an off-season with off-ice goalie-specific training, or their emphasis on active hands in all their teachings?

Our Finnish friends at GoaliePro schools, where the students include Minnesota Wild starter Niklas Backstrom among several other NHL goalies, want to let the rest of the goalie world in on their little secret to success:

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  1. Chris Dyson

    Jukka – hilarious!!
    Brings back memories of my time over there with you and Tom LOL
    Going to run this clip in a minor hockey coaches seminar I’m running later this month to help coaches better understand how to work with their goalies.


  2. Paul Ipolito

    I knew it!!