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Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 10 0f 20

Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 10 0f 20

Drill 10: 3/4 Crease Arc – Short Shuffle – T-Push

Drill 10 Crease Diagram

Note this diagram shows four lateral shuffles around a pro crease, but in the video our demonstrating goalie gets around a smaller crease with three almost ever time.

This simple drill combines the fundamental skating techniques of shuffling and the T-push.

The goaltender begins at the corner of the crease and short shuffles ¾ the length of the arc and comes to a complete stop.

The head and torso turn in the new direction of movement while a lead skate pivot is executed. The goaltender performs a straight-line T-push and returns to the goalpost.

The goalie steps off the goalpost and repeat the sequence as many times as requested by the coach.

Three to four repetitions should be sufficient.

All other technical considerations remain the same as previously described in this series.

About The Author

Tomas Hertz, MD BA

Tomas Hertz has been a contributing author to InGoal Magazine since 2010. He operated  "No Holes, No Goals Goaltending" in Kingston, Ontario for a decade and worked with developing goalies in the G.K.M.H.A. and K.A.M.H.A. He remains active as a timekeeper in the O.M.H.A. - O.W.H.A., the O.J.H.L. (Kingston Voyageurs), and the O.U.A.A. (R.M.C. Palladins). 

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  1. Jason I

    I would like to see him lead with his eyes a bit more. That t-push back to the post needs to be quick, but he needs to spot his target with his eyes first.

    Thanks for this series.