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Goaltender–Specific Skating Series: Drill 13 of 20

Goaltender–Specific Skating Series: Drill 13 of 20

Hertz Crease Movement Drill 13DRILL 13: Three Point Star with Butterfly Drop

Throughout this series a butterfly drop has been added to an earlier drill as part of the progression, and that is again the case as we move on from Drill 12 last week.

As we see in the video below, however, this time the butterfly is only performed twice among the three steps in this pattern.

There is no real need to perform a butterfly drop with the long shuffle back and forth to the first pylon.

Note again that a slightly curved line of movement through the crease is taken to both the top of the crease and the face-off dot on the far side of the crease. We have now combined a long shuffle, T-pushes, butterfly drops, straight and curved lines of movement in yet a different combination.

This drill is good for conditioning purposes if the goaltender is mechanically solid enough to maintain excellent form. If form ceases to exist, then decrease the number of repetitions and sets until the goaltender has improved from both an aerobic and anaerobic perspective.

This is important since goaltending involves all three basic energy systems.



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Tomas Hertz has been a contributing author to InGoal Magazine since 2010. He operated  "No Holes, No Goals Goaltending" in Kingston, Ontario for a decade and worked with developing goalies in the G.K.M.H.A. and K.A.M.H.A. He remains active as a timekeeper in the O.M.H.A. - O.W.H.A., the O.J.H.L. (Kingston Voyageurs), and the O.U.A.A. (R.M.C. Palladins).