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Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 4 of 20

Goaltender-Specific Skating Series: Drill 4 of 20

Hertz-Crease-Movement-Drill-4DRILL #4 Triangle Drill with Butterfly Drop

With DRILL #4, the simple pattern and progressive nature of these drills becomes apparent.

The only added element from DRILL #3 is merely the butterfly drop (BF).

This makes the goaltender work a little bit harder than when just having to execute T-pushes.

Goaltenders, especially at the earlier stages of development often execute poor hip swivels and full recoveries to the goalpost.

One commonly encountered error is seen upon the goaltender emerging back on his feet. Students commonly are sloppy with T-push to the post. They often take a curved arc path to the post instead of a straight line. Clearly the most direct path between two points (goalpost and the top of the crease) is a straight line.

In trying to convey this point I have employed spray paint in the past. I merely use an old hockey stick shaft and spray a line from post to the top of the crease.

This dotted line provides visual guidance for two important considerations. (1) It allows the goaltender to perform the correct degree of hip swivel for the correct future line of movement and then (2) move efficiently on a straight line to the goalpost. If desired, a curved line may also be painted on the ice, to contrast correct and incorrect lines of movement.

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Tomas Hertz, MD BA

Tomas Hertz has been a contributing author to InGoal Magazine since 2010. He operated  "No Holes, No Goals Goaltending" in Kingston, Ontario for a decade and worked with developing goalies in the G.K.M.H.A. and K.A.M.H.A. He remains active as a timekeeper in the O.M.H.A. - O.W.H.A., the O.J.H.L. (Kingston Voyageurs), and the O.U.A.A. (R.M.C. Palladins). 

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  1. Steve McKichan

    Magnum sharpie works great for this…

    Perfect drill set up for coaches to use for developing goalies