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Halak Adds Puck-Stopping Bull to New Blues Mask

Halak Adds Puck-Stopping Bull to New Blues Mask

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask left sideJaroslav Halak has a new mask for the 2013-14 season, but the themes are familiar to anyone who has followed the St. Louis Blues stopper over the years, including a nice nod to his equipment maker, Brian’s Custom Sports.

Painted for the first time by Montreal-based artist
David Leroux of Diel Airbrush
, Halak has turned back to a bull (he is a Taurus) and brick wall as the primary image for this new mask. This time, however, the bull is playing goal and his Brian’s glove and blocker, complete with their iconic B-Star logo and the custom “scratch” graphic Halak helped design for his own pads and gloves, has broken through the brick wall to turn aside a few extra pucks.

It is a decidedly lighter, brighter look for Halak, who maintained his No. 41 is on the chin but got away from the dark tones of recent designs, allowing the Blues logo to jump out as it too breaks through the light-coloured wall.

The backplate features a map and flag of Halak’s native Slovakia, as well as family initials.

“It’s a really detailed paint job but I’m hoping people will recognize him as soon as he steps on the ice this year,” Leroux said.

With that bull staring fans down, it’s hard to imagine they won’t.

To see more great work from Leroux please visit his Diel Aribrush web site and his Facebook page. In the meantime enjoy some more close ups of his work for Halak this season:

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask backoplate

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask right

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask top right

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask top left

Jaroslav Halak 2013-14 St. Louis Blues mask left side

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  1. Grega

    FINALLY! Finally Halak gets a nice paint job done. He’s had the most atrocious masks in the league for years… This one looks great. Not entirely my taste, but that’s not what matters, it’s a solid quality paint job.

  2. doug gates

    as a fellow taurus i love the mask-big improvement!! i hope brian elliot gets a new mask too,i HATE his casey jones paintjob-worst in the league

  3. The Walrus

    Not that bulls and buffaloes are interchangeable, but this mask feels very Sabre-esque to me (save for the to Blues logos on the side). The colors look more like the royal blue and gold scheme of the Sabres, the bull could be easily altered to look like a buffalo, and even the jersey the bull is wearing is more reminiscent of Buffalos away jersey than a Blues jersey. Foreshadowing of a trade to come?

    • tyler

      Well, it may have paid off… just change the wing on the lower sides to a sabre or charging buffalo and he’s good to go still.

  4. Brian

    Really Jaro? That’s awful, if I didn’t know you played for the Blues I wouldn’t have any idea who you played for. Is this a possible jab at them? Knowing you have a year left on your contract and your looking to go somewhere else? Maybe you will man up this year and stop crying when a better goalie is in your crease.
    As for the paint job, nice looking, but bad design in my opinion

    • Westc2

      The huge blues logos on each side and the Blues colors don’t give it away for you? Interesting.

  5. DSM

    OK I guess but putting astrological stuff on your mask screams “I couldn’t think of anything else” along with the overused brick wall.

    • David Leroux


    • Brian

      Goalies look more like turtles sitting on the bench…..

  6. Christian

    Brian you couldn’t be more wrong it has the blues color scheme all over it and if you actually look it has the blue note in a couple different places. As for the flag on the back he has done that on most mask he is proud of being a Slovakian. I like the mask. But more importantly the ppl covering the blues say he is in the best shape since joining the blues. Long live the note

    • Brian

      When you compare the last couple seasons masks there is less of a Note presence on this one. And hopefully he stays in shape, he’s an awesome goalie and hopefully he does well this season. It will be interesting to see who starts the season between the pipes. LETS GO BLUES!!!!!

  7. Jen

    Damn- hypercritical much?

    Jaro is the starter. Hitch has said so all offseason. If he stays healthy, he’s good. If not, we’ll see.

    As for his mask, I prefer last year’s- it was lovely. But I like that he’s returned to the bull- he’s had a bull on every other mask he’s had. It’s a solid design and I think it’s fine. 🙂

  8. Brian L.

    Love the new lid, but didn’t know we we having a chat forum about who’s looks like who’s, or health status, or contacts. Shut’em down Jaro, love the lid