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Hard not to love these Adam Henrique-inspired ‘Pads of Seduction’

Hard not to love these Adam Henrique-inspired ‘Pads of Seduction’

At the start of the 2016-17 season, New Jersey Devils goaltender outsourced his new pad design to his fans – and one fan in particular really stepped up to the plate:

Teammate Adam Henrique, known for his good-natured (but merciless) teasing of former teammate Steven Gionta, designed something new and somewhat horrifying for Kinkaid.

Inspired by the iconic ‘Art of Seduction’ painting depicting Seinfeld’s George Costanza draped on a velvet chaise, the pads showed none other than Gionta superimposed on the ‘seductive’ painting. Dubbed the ‘Pads of Seduction’, Henrique proudly entered them into the contest via Twitter.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a teammate come up with a wacky gear design in jest. Roberto Luongo designed a mask for Eddie Lack two years ago that was almost a shrine to their friendship, and then a year later teammate Ryan Miller created some taco-obsessed pads for Lack as well.

This time, though, the hilarious pad design actually came to life:

Adam Henrique tweeted out a picture of his ‘Pads of Seduction’ being worn by a young goalie, captioned ‘Perfect Holiday Gift!’, on Sunday night.

Putting aside the fact that there’s a chance this kid is now scarred for life (and his opponents may have some trouble remaining focused when shooting on him), you have to applaud the dedication this parent had to keeping the trolling alive.

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