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Custom masks 15% off for InGoal readers by Christmas

Head Strong Grafx offers fast, cheap alternative to paint

A sample of the vinyl product from Head Strong Grafx, a much cheaper alternative to custom paint. (More full-size images below)

When it comes to creating a dream mask, Head Strong Grafx is ready, willing and able to create anything your heart desires, with a portfolio of paint jobs as impressive as any. But they also realized not everyone is looking to spend like a professional puck stopper to play Picasso on their lid, so in addition to economy custom paint jobs, they created their own line of vinyl graphics.

Now, for as little as $25, anyone can give a goalie mask a custom look without having to wait the weeks, sometimes months, that a professional paint job can take. And while it’s now too late to get any of the growing number of patterns that Head Strong Grafx currently has available onlinedelivered in time for Christmas morning, InGoal newsletter subscribers can still get a great deal on any order made before December 25.

InGoal Magazine and Head Strong Grafx teamed up to play Santa with a special offer for subscribers: an additional 15 per cent off any order before Christmas. So if you haven’t already signed up, be sure to do so soon (the easy, one-click form is to the right). And if you already do subscribe but missed the special offer, check out the Dec. 13 newsletter for all the information.

Before or after Christmas, though, its still hard to believe you can get a custom-look lid for stocking-stuffer prices.

“We already had the machinery and we were reading on various goalie forums about people looking for cheaper alternatives to paint,” said Jason Livery, partner and artist at Head Strong Grafx. “So we decided why not do some stock designs in various colors so people could give their masks that unique look without the major cost.”

In addition to the 14 patterns – including many popular themes for both adult goalies and minor hockey team names, from horror to sharks to flames to Canada flags and many more – Head Strong Grafx also offers a range of color options in its vinyl line. The price goes up by $20 as you add colors or by $40 for specialty options like carbon fiber, mirror chrome, or reflective colors.

But even if add several colors and options, it costs a fraction of a paint job.

The vinyl is premium grade, ultra high gloss, two milli-meters thick, and has typically a 8 to 10 year life when used on signs. Of course signs don’t often have pucks fired at them at high speed, and Head Strong Grafx is quick to point out the vinyl, like paint, isn’t indestructible and will damage over time.

“But for the cost you can’t go wrong,” Livery said.

The cost also makes it easy to change designs frequently, making it ideal for kids whose team name and theme may change over the years.

“Vinyl can be removed and changed,” he said. “So if the customer gets tired of a design they can easily change it without the major cost of painting it again.”

If you do decide to splurge on some wicked custom paint, Head Strong Tape can help make it last longer.

If they do find a design you want to keep forever – whether it’s one of the vinyl patterns, a three color team-themed paint job from $200, or that dream full custom Picasso from $350, the Head Strong Grafx guys have come up with a way to protect it from the headhunters in your league.

“That’s where Head Strong tape comes in,” Livery said. “It’s an eight-millimeter invisible tape that is indestructible. It’s used on Indy cars and aircrafts, so apply it on common hit areas and watch your mask art last twice as long.”

Some custom paint samples from Head Strong Grafx:

About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Mike B.

    These guys are top notch all the way!

  2. Matt in Montreal

    How’d the layout work with my Vintage SK bucket..?

  3. Matt in Montreal


    What’s the Ingoal Subscribers’ promotional code?


    • David Hutchison

      check your newsletter later today /wink-wink

  4. Jason Power

    Cannot say enough great things about these guys. I have had them paint 2 lids for me personally now (mine is the Zakk Wylde mask) along with about 4 of my students.

    I look forward to many more paint jobs from them!

    Totally top notch to deal with.

  5. Hotdog

    That is an awesome idea. For anyone on a budget, that is a great alternative to paint jobs. Love it guys.


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