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Help Tuukka Rask Choose New Bruins Gear

Help Tuukka Rask Choose New Bruins Gear

InGoal Magazine readers are encouraged to help Vezina Trophy winner Tuukka Rask choose the colour pattern for next year’s set of Vaughn equipment with the Boston Bruins. Vaughn Custom Sports sent us the image below, with a letter for each option:

Tuukka 2014-15 pad options

Simply select the pattern you like the best and then go over to the post on Vaughn’s Facebook Page and tell them which one you like best and why in the comments section, and they will pass all the selections and some of the comments on to Rask.

Vaughn ran a similar promotion last summer and this was the look that Rask chose for last season:

Tuukka Rask

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  1. Gregory Iverson

    I think pads c and d would complement the Bruins jersey colors very well since the two pads I listed have quite a bit of yellow in them, and that would look very good with the mostly black uniform of the Bruins.

    • Jesse A.

      Well said, I concur.

  2. Jerome

    I Choose # C great looks!

  3. Cathy

    I’m liking F. The black visually ties it in with the rest of the uniform.

  4. Adam Thomas

    C or D

  5. Stephen Mazzola

    I wish there’d be one more option like C but black w/ yellow line in middle, not yellow w/ black. But, with that said, I like A/B/C best, in that order.

  6. dennis bisson

    I like B best , they are close, but the jerseys have enough color in them ,

  7. Andre Black

    Hey Tuuk,

    If we’re limited to the patterns shown, I’d go with A, but I had a thought – what if we look at this from the viewpoint of opposing shooters?

    Looking at this from the viewpoint of opposing shooters, may I suggest we confuse them as much as possible by making the pads100% white, on both the inside and outside vertical edges if we’re not permitted…for some unknown NHL reason…to make the entire pad white? White pads, white ice, white net and white boards behind the goalie would give shooters the least amount to aim at…and provide the least framing of the 5-Hole. I mean…why come up with better looking pads if it results in HELPING the shooters by giving them more to aim at visually? I realize we need to brand these pads so just put VAUGHN in black letters across the top of each white pad and be done with it.


    • Gregory Iverson

      I think that is very well said. 🙂

  8. Alan Black


  9. steve nemeth

    A or B