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InGoal and Editor ‘Back’ at it with new Woody Mask

InGoal and Editor ‘Back’ at it with new Woody Mask

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-3It’s never been policy to display personal equipment or paint jobs here at InGoal Magazine, but this exception comes with an explanation and an apology – to both our readers and the guys at HeadStrongGrafx who designed painted this cartoon masterpiece for me.

You see, the freshly painted mask arrived a day before I underwent surgery to repair a ruptured disk in my back, an injury that had kept me off the ice for three months and one that, with a 40th birthday approaching, threatened to keep me off for good. Needless to say that didn’t sound appealing to a guy who makes a living writing about the position, including frequently testing new equipment and techniques on the ice.

So, fearful I may never get to wear the mask in a game, and superstitious enough to think it mattered, I delayed its debut at InGoal.

Now, two months after surgery and two games into a return to the ice, I’m happy to share the new Woody Woodpecker-themed mask with our readers. It features a retro-clad Woody in an InGoal jersey on the left side side, Woody doing his best blood-stained Jacques Plante on the right, and a shout out to my daughters and the magazine that lets me take part in a sport and position I love for a living on the back plate.
Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-8
A sincere thanks to artist Marcus Power for the design, and painter Jason Livery for bringing my trusty Eddy Mask to life. (Evidently they were also paying attention to my extensive concussion history given the cracks and stitching detailed in the “skull” that formed the base layer for the top of the new lid.)

You can find more great masks from Power and Livery on the HeadStrong Grafx website, as well as on Twitter, and on their FaceBook page, and here in the InGoal archives. Their client list has grown extensively since InGoal began working with them almost three years ago, including the stirring debut of a backplate tribute to Pavol Demitra that Headstrong painted for Jaroslav Halak, and with several more NHL clients coming on board this season, look for new masks in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please enjoy close ups of the mask they painted for me below. As for the promised apology to our readers, that’s for the delay between issues of the magazine edition, which like this mask’s debut, fell victim to being unable to sit and work for any length of time. That too will soon be rectified, with a new issue of InGoal Magazine already in the works, and the InGoal staff en route to Montreal and Toronto this week and next to gather more material from more than half a dozen Stanley Cup-winning goaltenders and goalie coaches, as well as starting the reviews for a trio of exciting equipment launches coming this season.


Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-2

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-3

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-4

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-5

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-6

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-7

Kevin's Woody Mask by HeadStrongGrafx-8

About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Lorrie

    What an awesome mask!! Love it! My husband and son painted our son’s mask like Kermit the frog! No where near the artistry as yours’, but we think it’s pretty awesome! Both are very personalized, and that is what makes a mask so special!

  2. Paul Ipolito

    This would make any kid want to play goalie. Hell, I’m 60 and it makes me want to play goalie! Anybody need a fat,old goalie whose nickname is “Pops”?? The nickname is based on the sound my knees and hamstrings make when I try to butterfly.

  3. Ian Wotherspoon

    That is just the bestest Woody Mask ever – TOTALLY AWESOME. I like the cracked scull & stitches part and the original Plante Goalie Mask in Woody’s hands. I also like what you did on the backplate and I’m sure the girls are happy that you thot of them and that you put their names on the mask at a place where the puck has less chance of hitting. In that way their names will live longer.
    As I’ve mentioned on other comments in the past few months I’d really like to see more backplates because some of the goalies have special things painted on them just like you did and I would do if I was still playing goalie. I thot I’d let you all know that up until I was twenty I played without a mask, so for all of you who have not experienced a puck hitting you in the face travelling at an undisclosed speed, be happy that you can now be protected by a well made goalie mask that can be painted by some very talented artists.

    Again, I love the mask.

    • Paul Ipolito

      A quick note on the backplate- My son has his maternal and fraternal grandmother’s initials on his backplate. They have both passed, but when they were with us they always came out to support their grandson.