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InGoal in Montreal: Carey Price, CCM, Canadiens Coach, Lefevres

InGoal in Montreal: Carey Price, CCM, Canadiens Coach, Lefevres
Carey Price CCM EXtreme Flex Reebok

Carey Price looked good in his new CCM EXtreme Flex gear.

InGoal Magazine was privileged to be part of a special unveiling this week, with a “backstage pass” to Carey Price’s return to Montreal for photo and video shoots in the new CCM equipment he will wear for the Canadiens.

As if being in the Habs practice rink as Price strapped on and talked about his EXtreme Flex Pro gear for first time wasn’t enough, the day also included an on-ice session with Canadiens’ goaltending coach Pierre Groulx, who brought InGoal into the coaching offices beforehand to go over video of drills he worked on with Price back in Kelowna.

Even more exciting for our readers is news the highly regarded Groulx will be contributing instruction, drills and tips to future issues of InGoal Magazine, including many featuring Price demonstrating the proper techniques!

As for the equipment itself, there is only so much we can say for now, but rest assured InGoal will be the first to unveil new features, and the first with a full review of the line, which as you will see from photos below also includes a new chest-and-arm unit. The blocker is binding-less, but there are other alterations that Price walked us through, and the glove has a new break that closes differently from P4 models, but in a way that still makes “Turco grip” puck handling easy.

CCM EXtreme Flex Pro equipment for Los Angeles Kings Goalie Jonathan Bernier

The new CCM EXtreme Flex Pro equipment for Los Angeles Kings Goalie Jonathan Bernier, who is a regular visitor to the Lefevre factory outside Montreal.

Even just by showing you the front of the pads, with classic knee rolls, plus the EXtreme Flex name, it’s not hard to guess CCM created a line designed for goalies that like more flexible breaks and more direct control and feel of the pad on their legs. But after getting to tour the Lefevre factory with legendary builder Michel and his son Patrick, and going over the design process, there is a lot more to the new CCM line – and a lot more options coming – than most outsiders have assumed.

Some of it will be obvious from the pros that choose to wear it, including long-time Reebok goalie Jonathan Bernier, who lives near the Lefevre factory but had yet to pick up his just-finished set when InGoal visited (note the Kings colors).

Speaking of the Lefevres, with all due respect to a fun day with the easy going Price, and the excitement of hearing his goalie coach with the Canadiens will be work with InGoal on instructional material, the highlight of this trip had to be the factory tour and a chance to walk down memory lane with Michel, who began making equipment 50 years ago at age 14, and his son Patrick, who now also plays a major role in shaping the business – and therefore the position itself.

Patrick Roy original mask mold

Goalies should quickly recognize this distinctive mask look.

Together they have helped revolutionize goaltending, and getting a chance to see pieces of that history – like the original mold for Patrick Roy’s mask on the left – and hear stories of the all-time greats coming to Michel’s original factory (the family basement) was both a special treat and a real honor for anyone who loves goaltending.

InGoal will begin sorting through the thousands of photos, and hours of footage, this weekend. So look for a feature on the Lefevre’s factory and history, including their answers to Ask a Pro questions from our readers, in the coming weeks.

Then stay tuned for more insights into the new CCM EXtreme Flex line (and a few other new surprises, one of which readers will probably be able to guess from the pictures), an in-depth feature with Price on his evolution as a goaltender and Montreal Canadiens icon, and instruction from Groulx.

In the meantime, enjoy a few more shots from two memorable days in Montreal:

Two generations of goaltending history: Patrick Lefevre (left) holds his father, Michel’s first pad, while Michel shows off their newest creations for CCM.


Carey Price CCM Extreme Flex Goalie Gear

Carey Price and Canadiens goalie coach Pierre Groulx discuss a drill.

 Carey Price CCM EXtreme Flex Reebok
Carey Price looked good in his new CCM EXtreme Flex gear.


Carey Price liked how his new CCM composite stick felt making stick saves.


Carey Price CCM Extreme Flex Goalie Gear

Price makes one of silky smooth recovery pushes during drills with Pierre Groulx.

Carey Price CCM EXtremeFlex

After a video session in the locker room, and drills with Groulx, Price was still trying to have fun during a long photo shoot.


Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price

Being a model isn’t easy: Carey Price checks out his handiwork.

Carey Price CCM Extreme Flex Goalie Gear Chest and Arm

Price talks about the new CCM Chest and Arm protection.

Carey Price CCM Extreme Flex Stickhandling

Price spent any down time showing how easy it is to stickhandle in tight with a shorter handle, special tape job, and the toe curve on his new CCM composite stick, something he has talked to InGoal about in the past.



About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Matt in Montreal


  2. Niles

    I love the gear, so simple yet so awesome :)man I would love to watch Pricey practice, could use some tips haha

  3. JR

    Is that a new mask too? Sign of things to come?

    • Nathan

      That’s the mask he wore at the end of last season.

  4. Matt

    I think JR was referring to the mask in the Lefevre factory photo. It looks similar to a Lefevre/Protechsport mask, so maybe he designed it? Any info about it would be nice.

  5. JR

    Thanks Matt, that’s exactly what I was referring too. Closest mask that looks like that is possibly an Eddy “Le Roc” model.

    • Nathan

      Ah, I thought you referred to what Price was wearing. Protechsport/lefevre did the original mask mold for St. Patrick. Which I hear has been made available to all goalies to order that design.

  6. James

    The mask was made by david gunnarson, instead of dielart, who made the anterior Price’s masks, it’s not a scoop, you can see it on gunnarson’s site

    • David leroux

      David arrigo did pretty mutch all the past Masks prices played with, not diel airbrush!!

  7. James

    Could we have an article on the g netiks soon?
    I cant wait to have more infos and photos on them

  8. JR

    James – are you referring to the white mask in front of the white and black ccm pads?

    • ced

      thats the new ccm mask prototype i have it because my hockey coach works for ccm and our team gets new stuff so yah its a new concept design, but mine is black

  9. Matt

    I think James is referring to the mask art on Price’s mask.

  10. Kevin Woodley

    Actually the DaveArt-painted mask being referred to was also first revealed by InGoal last season – Carey showed it to us right before wearing it for the first time. But you guys are on to something with the White mask sitting on the table in front of Lefevre, who has a long, strong history as an NHL mask maker … more information will be coming soon!

  11. Bruins Rule

    I’m not a Habs fan but the pads look grea and Price looks good.

  12. 3m

    Allways a great read from the boy’s at Ingoal!

  13. Matt

    Hey ced, how does the prototype feel?

  14. Pat Roy

    Did someone call me?

  15. Dan

    😀 already saving

  16. PaulS

    Two points to make: the first, aside from the faux knee rolls, what makes this different from the Reebok P4s?

    Second, I’ve read from several sources that Price always likes his pads extremely stiff, to the point of replacing them more often than other goalies in the NHL. Yet, these are supposed to be more flexible than the P4s?

  17. semipro

    When will we be able to order these? Im in need of a new glove.

  18. paul ipolito

    Please excuse the total ignorance displayed in the following question- but wouldn’t the ideal goalie leg pad combine all of the latest design and materials technology with a bit of old-style leather on the pad face? Stop laughing and work with me on this one.I see rebounds shooting off pad faces constantly.A semi-hard shot will travel five feet back into play off the brick-like surface of a current generation pad.Has anyone experimented with somehow bonding a shock-absorbing material to the current marvels of modern chemical/materials engineering known as goalie pads?When you start tossing tomatoes, I prefer the plum ones.Thanks.

  19. Matt

    The Vintage PASSAU pads are made with modern foams, but has real cowhide leather. It’s around $1200, and they’re completely custom. They call you or video conference with you and ask everything you want on the pad. I’ve heard great things about them. Just my two cents.

    • Paul Ipolito

      Matt-Thank you very much.I will take a look at their site.

      Paul Ipolito

  20. Mickey

    How many of the goalies that were wearing the larcenies will be wearing these new ccms?

  21. Allan

    Paul, In regards to the livelyness of new pads. Your supposed to angle the puck into the corner away from play, not kick it back into the slot. You dont want the puck dying in the crease; two bad things are likely to happen. The puck gets tapped in, or worse lands right on the forwards stick.

    Live and die by the sword though, sometimes ya just get a bad bounce.

  22. Peter

    When will the line of CCM Pads be coming to the public?

  23. Joni

    Hi, when is those pads availlabe to buy in europe and whitch are standard sides of those pads.

  24. thomas

    i personally dont like the ccm pads i like his old reebok pads better but i do like the stick

  25. Blomdahl

    On the picture when Price is holding the Chest and arm prot. There is an another C n’ A protection to the left. I’ve seen he’s using that Blue C n’ A not the “new” CCM. I just wonder what C n’ A that is? Please answer 😉