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InGoal Magazine, September 2014 Edition

InGoal Magazine, September 2014 Edition

Rask Article

The September edition of InGoal Magazine is out, with an in-depth cover story on Tuukka Rask among over 70 pages of goaltending news, interviews, and gear reviews.

There are also several articles of instruction to help make you a better goaltender, including drills and tips from the professionals.

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Here’s a more complete look at what’s inside:

Rasky Business

InGoal breaks down the skills— and some unique tactics—that helped make Tuukka Rask a Vezina Trophy winner for the Boston Bruins last season.

The Goalie Stabilizer

New Washington Capitals goaltending coach Mitch Korn explains how using a medicine ball while on the ice can make goalies faster and more powerful while also eliminating sloppy hand habits.

Yoga For Reverse-VH

The Reverse, or Reverse-VH, is now a must-have move for goalies at every level, but it’s not easy on the ankles, knees and hips. Recent Ohio State graduate Chelsea Knapp found some position-specific yoga that can help.

Hands Like Tuukka Rask

With so much emphasis on where the glove is positioned these days, it’s often too easy to overlook the skills needed to catch pucks cleanly. This odd-looking drills will help do just that— no matter where you hold your glove.

Bulletproof Chest Unit

With the introduction of Kevlar and carbon fiber in their all-new V6 Velocity 2200 arm-and-chest unit, Vaughn cut weight and added protection. But how does it perform on the ice?

Reebok XLT: All About The Bounce

The new Reebok XLT was named after a new use of Crosslink Technology designed to provide the same active rebounds that NHL goalies want to goaltenders at lower levels – but without needing to face 80 to 100-mile-an-hour shots.

Chip Off Old Block

The Brian’s G-NETik 5.0 import line is so close to the Canadian-made original that it’s hard to tell them apart. But it doesn’t mean they play the same.

Brian’s Lightest Pad Yet

A sneak peak at the new Brian’s G-NETik Pro II, which includes the company’s lightest pads to date and some unique new innovations.

Retro Flex Just That

The new CCM Retro Flex offers a stylish alternative to the original Extreme Flex, but all the same performance, plus a couple slight modifications.

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  1. Jim Boesenberg

    Interesting read on Mitch , I have have been training goalies on ice with the use of medicine balls for about 20years including current NJ Devil Keith Kinkaid. It is a tremendous tool to help a goalies balance , movements etc. I prefer the medicine balls with handles which come in various weights. On ice shooting drills can be done with pucks for slides etc, and for younger goalies I use tennis balls. I have to disagree with holding the ball against the chest, it is more helpful to goalie help about 6 inch’s away. Great magazine !