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inGoal Magazine Update

The last few days have been very eventful at inGoal Magazine. Yesterday at around 4PM PST the site first slowed to a crawl and then crashed. It took some 15 hours for our host to restore service. The good news is that we were brought to our knees by floods of traffic. It wasn’t long ago that we measured our traffic in the hundreds – but yesterday thousands and thousands of you overwhelmed our obviously underpowered server.

Right now things might be a bit slow. Our host has throttled our connection because they don’t want our popularity to wreak havoc on all the other sites they are hosting on the same server.

In response we have pared our theme well back, and changed how many of our images are hosted. Things are a bit bare boned right now and we ask for your patience. We’re working hard to bring things up to speed and back in order as quickly as possible.

Many thanks for your great support,


About The Author

David Hutchison

David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.