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InGoal Radio Podcast Episode 54: Justin Goldman / Lift the Mask

In this Episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports ,? we took the opportunity on Bell Let’s Talk Day to chat with Justin Goldman, founder of The Goalie Guild, about his Lift the Mask program designed to help goaltenders improve their mental health.

It’s a subject our audience is familiar with based on past episodes with guests like Clint Malarchuk and Corey Hirsch sharing their battles with mental health, and one with strong ties to the goaltending world, from Robin Lehner’s well documented struggles with, and recovery from, addiction and mental health disorders, to Finnish goaltender Jonathan Iilahti sharing his struggles in an article on InGoal Magazine earlier this season.
Goldman has some insightful thoughts on the blurry lines between mental health and mental performance that will benefit goaltenders, coaches and goalie parents of every age, experience and level.
In the gear segment presented by The Hockey Shop, Cam and Woody look at one of the most important pieces of equipment in every goalie’s bag: the goalie jock. And yes, there’s a way to fit it properly, which is why we only buy from the goalie staff at The Hockey Shop: they play the position, love the position and know how to help you find the right gear to keep you performing well — and in this case playing safe.

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