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InGoal Radio Podcast Episode 59: Greg Harrison

In this Episode of the InGoal Radio Podcast presented by The Hockey Shop Source for Sports ,we have a lengthy chat with legendary mask maker and artist Greg Harrison. His clients are a who’s who of goaltending and if you are a fan of classic masks you’ll recognize his work in an instant. Gratton’s famous lion, Rutherford’s wings, Bannerman, Bromley, Belfour, Potvin and hundreds more. He is also the man who brought us the combo mask we all wear today. Oh, and lets not forget that he was a goaltender himself, 13 years a practice goalie for the Leafs, long before anyone knew who David Ayers was and came close to having his own moment in the spotlight.

Greg is making custom masks today and can be reached directly via Instagram @GregHarrisonTheMask, or through

In the interview we talk about the famous Lion of Gilles Gratton – you might enjoy this article from InGoal when we caught up with Gratton several years ago.

In the Gear Segment we talk about tape alternatives for your stick knob, including Butt Endz and Tacki-Mac Command Tape Grip. You can see them all at the Hockey Shop.

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