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InGoal Radio with Daren Millard

Today we would like to introduce you to an all-new venture we are very excited about – and the newest member of the InGoal team.

The introductory episode of the InGoal Radio with Daren Millard Podcast is now live.

Daren Millard, with 20-years experience as an on-air host with Sportsnet, has joined us as host of the new InGoal Radio podcast. In addition to his extensive experience as a broadcaster Daren, like many of us, is a beer-league goaltender and having him host this new show is a perfect match. Daren’s professional, yet approachable, manner makes him a perfect member of the team and someone we look forward to collaborating with in the months and years to come.

We kicked things off in “Episode 0” with an introduction as Daren is joined by InGoal founders David Hutchison and Kevin Woodley giving you some background about us and what you can expect from the show. It includes a brief clip of an interview with Tampa’s Andrei Vasilevskiy as one of the game’s most dynamic goaltenders explains why he chose to go in the net as a child; his answer may surprise you.

Have a listen and hit subscribe in your favorite podcasting app – we’ll have our first official episode of InGoal Radio in the New Year.

2019 will be InGoal’s biggest year yet and this is only the first new project. Stay tuned for more.


Daren Millard

Daren Millard

Host, InGoal Radio

InGoal is pleased to welcome broadcaster and beer-league tendy Daren Millard to the team.

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