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InGoal Testing Advertising

InGoal will be displaying ads in the next day or so and continue to do so for a limited time

We are testing the displaying of ads at InGoal Magazine  now for a limited time. You might wonder why…

After nearly three seasons our growth has been significant and to keep up with the tremendous demand – nearly 50,000 of you dropping by some days with a list of email subscribers 8,000 strong – we have had to upgrade our server, deploy a CDN (content distribution network), and employ a professional e-mail newsletter service. In short, to keep serving you and to expand to as many goalies as we can around the world, our hobby is beginning to get expensive.

So for 15 days we are testing ads to see if they will help support our expansion without detracting too much from the experience of our readers.

We value your support and we value your opinion. If you have any thoughts or comments about this (or anything else), please send us a note – an email to [email protected] will get to both Kevin and to David.

Thanks for all your support and for your patience.

– The InGoal Team

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  1. Eric

    Go for it guys, anything to keep you up and running! Google Adsense is always a good idea if nothing else.

  2. Scott Carter

    Kevin could you please contact me regarding our conversation at Vegas show. There is no phone number or contact info on your site so hope you get this. Scott


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