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Introducing Reebok XLT: New Name for Reason

Introducing Reebok XLT: New Name for Reason
Reebok XLT Rebounds (4 of 5)

The new Reebok XLT stands for Cross-Link Technology, a blend of foams designed to make the pads produce NHL-calibre rebounds even when not facing NHL-level shots.

Reebok has introduced a new name to goaltending, and there is a really good reason for it.

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Rather than continue their revolutionary Premier line by rolling out a P5 for next season, Reebok introduced the Premier XLT to three NHL goaltenders – and InGoal Magazine – at their Goalie Summit in Montreal. And for those wondering why the company would break from a name that has become tradition since the father-son design team of Michel and Patrick Lefevre introduced the original Premier a decade ago, it all about the way new version of the Premier pad will play for those of us not in the NHL.

XLT isn’t about a marketing slogan. It tells a story about the core of the pad – a modified and improved core.

The XLT stands for Cross-Link Technology, and while Reebok and the Lefevres have been using cross-link foams for years, the latest version has been re-designed with more thicker, harder foams closer to the face in order to give the rest of the us what NHL goaltenders have long relied on the Premier line for: longer rebounds directed out of danger areas that buy time to recover.

“You don’t want the puck to stop five, six feet away from you,” Crawford told InGoal Magazine after testing the new XLT line in Montreal. “You want it to kick out a little bit further away from you and you want to give yourself a chance to get over and get to the rebound. I definitely like a pad that is going to give me time to recover with those long rebounds instead of short ones.”

Which is a lot easier when guys are firing pucks at you in the 80- to 100-mile-an-hour range. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), the rest of us don’t see shots that hard, which makes it easier for him to shoot those rebounds out further.

That’s where XLT comes in.

Everyone knows what a Smart Phone is.

Now Reebok has developed Smart Foam.

“We’re trying to give other players the same rebound Corey Crawford gets in the NHL,” said Sonya Dibiase, the head of the Reebok and CCM goalie equipment division. “It’s the same foam as the pro – the exact same foam that Corey Crawford will have in his pads in the NHL this season – but it’s designed to react to a soft shot the same way a pro pad does to those harder shots he sees.”

It’s a big innovation, one that warranted its own name. Hence no P5. It’s the Premier XLT instead.

Reebok XLT Rebounds (5 of 5)

Marc-Andre Fleury was on the ice with Crawford and InGoal testing the XLT in the summer.

“What’s new? It looks like a P4, with all the leg options and great features of the Premier line, but it’s really about what pad does for pros and making one that will do the same thing at retail for lower level players facing softer shots,” Dibiase said. “It’s about buying them some time through longer rebounds – time to recover. We want the pad to play like an extension of your stick.”

There are other new tweaks from the extremely popular P4 line that also debuted at InGoal Magazine two seasons ago, as well as some internal changes to improve the XLT glove, which comes with a double-T option, and a new-look binding-less XLT blocker.

InGoal will take a closer look at the entire line – and put the rebound control claims to the test on the ice – in a future edition.

For now enjoy some behind-the-scenes footage and images with Crawford and the Reebok’s new XLT line in action on the ice in Montreal, and know the changes are more than just a name. For goalies not already in the NHL, the name – and the reason for it – could change everything.

Reebok XLT debut-6


Reebok XLT debut-12

Reebok XLT debut-7

About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Ben Clermont

    So why not Reebok BLT: Beer League Technology.

  2. Daniel Tavalin

    What advantage does it give to the Pros? The article talks a lot about lower level play, but not a lot about the NHL goaltenders.

    • Kevin Woodley

      they also removed some binding on edges around the knee that make contact with the ice, improving durability and removing a spot that can be slightly slide resistant and ice can building up (though pros rarely worry about that) … NHL guys have always liked them as is for that rebound quality and for the consistency of both that puck control and from set to set — every pad they get is the same, reducing break-in time and ensuring consistency from one set to the next

  3. Patrick

    So are they only offered in straight/no breaks? What other break options are there?

    • Kevin Woodley

      Will be a full selection of options, as per P4 line, which expanded the break and leg channel options significantly. Look for full customizer launch soon

  4. Richard St-Onge

    The difference in rebound for a pro is that they know how to guide the puck away, as opposed to your average amateur who simply is trying to stop the puck. Mechanically speaking, my Smith pads do just the same. What could give the XLT some advantage are the internals and tweaks mentioned.

    So what has changed in the trapper? Internal? Break?

  5. Joey

    I don’t know, seems kind of marketing. *smart foam* Then again, I’ve never liked reebok pads, just their gloves and blockers.

  6. Jeannette Chase

    My son has been using the P4 line & loves them – would like a chance to give him a new set!

  7. Tanner

    I have a little brother who is 11 years old I always get new gear before he does and I would like to give him a chance at a new pair of pads, he loves hockey but has a weight problem he would be the happiest guy together these.

  8. Chris

    So would the Reebok X28 lower level pad produce the same rebound effect as the XLT?

  9. Lawrence

    I have the XLT 24 pads and 28 XLT gloves love them