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Iron Maiden Eddie Returns on Chris Mason’s New Nashville Mask

Iron Maiden Eddie Returns on Chris Mason’s New Nashville Mask


Chris Mason 2012 Nashville Predators Mask Iron Maiden Eddie

The top of Chris Mason’s new Nashville Predators mask features the Eddie from Iron Maiden’s Powerslave album cover.

As someone who grew up on the Canadian prairies cheering the Jets, Chris Mason seemed like such a good fit in Winnipeg.

The partnership produced some of the year’s best gear, including two great new masks from his personal painter, Steve Nash of EyeCandyAir, and the now famous Jets-logo pads and gloves by Brian’s.

As disappointing as it might be for fans in Winnipeg, though, Mason’s return to the Nashville Predators as a free agent at least means another new round of equipment for the rest of us to enjoy, and if the first fresh item is any indication it’s worth it.

After making the move physically to Nashville over the weekend, Mason is set to debut another amazing mask from EyeCandyAir, and just like his first Jets mask, it borrows from one of his favourite bands by using an Iron Maiden Eddie.

In fact, the Eddie in question is from the Egyptian-themed cover of the band’s Powerslave album, which also produced the single Aces High and corresponding Eddie included on last year’s mask. It’s a theme that works perfectly because the album covers were created originally by artist Derek Riggs, who has inspired the mask’s artist, Steve Nash, throughout his own career.

Chris Mason 2012 Nashville Predators Mask Iron Maiden Eddie

It’s another stunning mask from EyeCandyAir (be sure to also follow their Twitter feed and check out their Facebook page for more) but of course it goes beyond the Iron Maiden theme too.

Given it’s Mason’s third stint with the Predators – the original was interrupted briefly by a free agent signing with the Florida Panthers organization in 20020-03 before Nashville reclaimed him off waivers the following season – it’s fitting EyeCandyAir used triple-layer logos on both sides of a stunning design that includes Mason’s name written across the chin of a mask that was once again custom made for Mason by Tony Priolo at Sportmask.

Chris Mason 2012 Nashville Predators Mask

Chris Mason 2012 Nashville Predators Mask

As for the backplate, which is often used by goalies for personal messages, Mason instead went with a tribute to Nashville by using artwork that is from the official City Seal and can also be seen on the city’s flag.

Chris Mason 2012 Nashville Predators Mask

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Another amazing creation. Very nice touch using the city seal details.

  2. Gregan

    Talented painter in many ways, but the design is too busy and has little to no definition. It’s going to be impossible to see anything on that mask from ten feet away and it’s not going to look good on TV.

    • Sean

      Ahh, I see we have an expert in graphic design who clearly everything about the subject. We all should listen and take what he says to heart…

    • Paul Ipolito

      I totally disagree, and I don’t believe masks are designed to be appreciated from long distances. Perhaps you have failed to notice the mask artist has a relatively small area to work with.These are not billboards.I hope you will post a few images of your latest work.

      Paul Ipolito

  3. Aidan

    I love the artwork, but more over I appreciate Mason’s loyalty to the city of Nashville. He always loved it here and he showed this by taking a one year in Nashville instead of a two year in Winnipeg. I love the TN seal on the back. Glad to have Chris back on the Preds.

  4. Dan

    Up the Irons \m/