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Jimmy Howard’s Brilliant Breast Cancer Mask

Jimmy Howard’s Brilliant Breast Cancer Mask

Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask rightJimmy Howard already tried to lift the spirits of Detroit fans with his first Red Wings mask of the season.

Now he’s trying to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness with a stunning pink ribbon mask painted by his long-time personal artist Ray Bishop of Bishop Designs.

Howard will wear the mask, along with some new pink-trimmed Vaughn equipment, as part of the Red Wings annual Breast Cancer Awareness Night at Joe Louis Arena on Saturday against the visiting Philadelphia Flyers.

Howard’s pink Vaughn equipment from the game is set to be auctioned off to benefit Detroit-area cancer organizations, and there’s bound to be plenty of interest. In addition to being for a great cause, with the Red Wings logos shaded subtly in white and grey behind the pink ribbons, it’s one of the best fundraising masks we’ve seen in a long time, if not ever. So kudos to Howard for the idea, and to Bishop for making it pop.

“Howie wanted the mask to have a large pink ribbon with a white background, so it could be seen and recognized from the stands easily,” Bishop told InGoal. “He was also looking for a way to incorporate the Wings logo – or elements of it – without them being the main focus of the design, so I sort of took it from there and ghosted in the Wings from the logo behind the large ribbon. I went with a pearl white base with sparkles and also ghosted in some smaller ribbons around the mask to sweeten things up a bit. I added the ribbon on the chin with the Old English “D” to further tie it in with the Red Wings, and to top things off we went with another pink ribbon on the back plate to bring it all home. All in all, I hope that it attracts a lot of attention on the ice this Saturday for their Cancer Awareness Game.”

It certainly will. Stay tuned for information on how you can enter to win it while also supporting a great cause, and for more great art from Bishop, be sure to check out his company website, as well as “liking” his Facebook page, and following him on Twitter. For now, though, enjoy these close ups of Howard’s mask:


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask Chin


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask left


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask right


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask left and backplate


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask right right and backplate


Jimmy Howard Cancer Mask top

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  1. DSM

    Very classy.

  2. Paul Ipolito

    Can’t wait to see the full kit! Nice job!!

  3. Warren Shapiro

    Jimmy thanks for caring. Maybe one day we will wipe this disease and find a cure. So block that disease and score for a cure.