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Joey MacDonald Gets Sick, Throws Up On Ice

Joey MacDonald Gets Sick, Throws Up On Ice

Joey MacDonald had quite an explosive start to his career in the German Ice Hockey League yesterday. In his first game with the Schwenninger Wild Wings, they would lose 1-0 to Adler Mannheim despite being outshot 53-21. Unfortunately for MacDonald, his tremendous performance will likely be forgotten because of a (slightly gross) incident that occurred in the final minute.

With Mannheim pressing for an insurance goal late in the third, MacDonald would drop to a knee and seemingly give up on the play. After a couple of shots went whizzing by, with one striking the post, the referee would finally blow play dead to check on the goaltender.

What happened next…isn’t easy to watch.

Yuck. Throwing up in public is never fun, but throwing up in front of thousands of fans in the arena and on live television? Even worse.

It’s possible that MacDonald was simply dehydrated after facing so many shots, which could have led to the embarrassing moment. Extreme fluid loss is common among goaltenders. On average, goaltenders lose 2.9 L of water per hour from their system, compared to 1.8 L for skaters.

J.S. Giguere had a similar experience during his brief stint in Germany when the first lockout was taking place. (Warning: That video is just as gross)

Referee Mike Leggo also made headlines earlier this year for losing his lunch during a game that he was working in Pittsburgh. (Warning: Okay. If these warnings haven’t stopped you from watching the previous two videos, I guess nothing will.)

Despite the publicity that is sure to come from this, it was an excellent first game for MacDonald. The 35-year-old MacDonald is playing European hockey for the very first time after appearing in over 130 NHL games, mainly as a backup. He spent eight years with Detroit, Boston, NY Islanders, Toronto, and Calgary.

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  1. Max F.

    Guys, he threw up because a earlier shot hit his Solar Plexus and everyone wo ever got it in the Solar Plexus knows that you get immediatly sick and cant breath. He wasn’t dehydrated!