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Joonas Korpisalo Channels Spirit of the Union Soldier with New Mask

The rich Civil War history of Columbus, OH, is on full display in Joonas Korpisalo’s new mask. You can almost hear the large, finely detailed Union soldiers (the original blue jackets) shouting “Charge!” to the calvary.

Korpisalo asked artist Sylvie Marsolais of Sylabrush for more white and fewer items than his previous mask, opting instead for bigger features like the soldiers, and the large team logo on top. He also wanted new lettering for his name on the chin, so Marsolais created a custom font, complete with a thematically appropriate star dotting the “i.” The 3D flags and backplate star give the artwork the illusion of depth, creating a visually striking effect from close up.

With the expansion draft coming this summer, and Korpisalo playing so well this season, it’s possible this could be his final Blue Jackets mask. If so, in fine Columbus fashion, he’s certainly going out with a bang.

Enjoy some more of Sylvie’s art below, all beautifully photographed by Sebastien Gervais.