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Laurent Brossoit Inks Extension for Oilers

Laurent Brossoit Inks Extension for Oilers

If you’ve watched either of former Edmonton Oil Kings goaltending prospect Laurent Brossoit’s two games with the Edmonton Oilers over the last two seasons, it’s hard not to get excited about him.

His excellent numbers across the small NHL sample size – 49 saves and two goals allowed in one game, 32 saves and one goal allowed in the other – haven’t won him a game yet, but they’ve suggested that he’s got what it takes to hopefully translate his game to the top level. His AHL numbers do, as well; a .919 save percentage and 15-9-3 behind the developing Bakersfield Condors give the Oilers a look at their first real homegrown goaltending prospect in a handful of seasons.

Now, the team is rewarding him for his hard work – as of Monday morning, Brossoit is locked down in Edmonton through the end of the 2017-18 season on a one way salary, worth a reported $750,000 per year.

The one way deal doesn’t mean that Brossoit can’t play in the AHL if needed, of course; the one or two way nature of a contract simply specifies whether a player is paid on a sliding scale between the minors leagues and the NHL. Brossoit will make an affordable enough salary that if he ever needs to hit the minors for conditioning or extra games played, it won’t hurt the team’s bank to do so – if that was ever a problem for Edmonton, it certainly isn’t here.

What the contract does suggest, though, is that the team trusts Brossoit enough to see him at the NHL level moving forward.

This is hardly a surprise. He’s long familiar with the team’s goaltending coach, Dustin Schwartz. The two worked together while Brossoit was playing for the Edmonton Oil Kings back in the WHL, part of the reason the Oilers were willing to take a chance on the prospect after Calgary was ready to pass him off; if Schwartz feels Brossoit is ready, the team likely agrees. He’ll have a familiar face with the big club in doing so, and his numbers suggest it may be time for him to make the jump.

The Oilers have seen a plethora of struggles in net over nearly the last decade, but this may be a sign that they’re close to being over – and for Oilers fans who have long suffered watching the team, it’s about time.

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