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Leafs acquire goaltender Olaf Kolzig

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Olie “the goalie” Kolzig along with Jamie Hewerd, Andy Rogers & a 4th round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for Richard Petiot.

It will be interesting to see why they picked up another goalie – especially as Brian Burke reports Kolzig is injured and it doesn’t change their goaltending situation.

Looks like Toronto might just be trading salary cap space for a draft pick. As TSN reports, Kolzig is likely to retire and Heward is injured, so this amounts to buying a 4th round pick for $500,000.

There is also some question about this possibly helping Tampa place their salary at a point where they will get revenue sharing dollars from the league.

Despite some question about this being just a money trade-which is not allowed-the league did approve the deal.

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