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Lundqvist Features Greta Garbo among Swedish Icons on New Mask

Lundqvist Features Greta Garbo among Swedish Icons on New Mask

New York Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist MaskAs Henrik Lundqvist tweeted earlier on Friday, “New season means new mask.”

The King went in an entirely new direction with his.

After focusing on his adopted city of New York and Rangers logos on most of his previous masks, Lundqvist asked long-time personal painter and fellow Swede artist David Gunnarsson of DaveArt to come up “the start of a series of tributes to legends from his home country of Sweden.”

We can only imagine what awaits in the future renditions promised by Gunnarsson – ABBA and IKEA tributes top the stereotype lists and Gunnarsson himself must be nearing icon status in his home country – but he and Lundqvist decided to start with Swedish “Legends from the Silverscreen” for this season.

“On one side of the mask you find the Swedish movie legends Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman painted in a soft classic style, and on the other side you find the legendary Swedish director Ingmar Bergman in a movie poster-inspired layout, inspired from his iconic movie The Seventh Seal,” Gunnarsson wrote on Facebook. “Everything is mixed into a classic Lundqvist layout and of course you will find all the other stuff from Henrik’s mask series, such as the Statue of Liberty in bling bling, and a lot of 3-D effects and other cool Special FX. And of course lightning all over the mask, just as on all his mask all the way from Frölunda.”

Enjoy close ups of the new mask below (there is also a hilarious video of Lundqvist’s new ESPN commercial featuring the Swedish Chef of Muppets fame, perhaps another candidate for a future mask), and you can find more of Gunnarsson’s great artwork on both his website and on his Twitter feed. And for all the new masks you can expect to see when the NHL season starts on Jan. 19, be sure to visit out InGoal’s mask page.

New York Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist Mask

New York Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist Mask

New York Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist Mask

New York Rangers Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist Mask

And lastly, courtesy of a tweet from Linda Cohn, here is Lundqvist and the Swedish Chef doing an ESPN commercial:

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  1. Todd

    Marty’s better

    • Ryan

      Hmm. Quite insightful….

  2. PatHoffman

    Starting to notice trends in masks this year. Team logos on both sides of the chin, logo patterns throughout the mask, etc.

  3. James Adams

    I love Henrik but now its starting to get a bit ridiculous- Swedish Legends series? I’ve really liked some of Henrik’s masks and his painter is very talented no question- but glitter paint? I’d expect some 7th grader to come up with that-it looked a little twee on tv last night. I’m all for self expression but change the mask less and stick with the Rangers logo and liberty emblem- and concentrate on stopping the pucks like you do so well

    • James Adams

      Email was hacked I didn’t write that

  4. Freddy

    Many swedish golaies are mask-w****s….
    Just unbleievable how many of those does changes their masks so often every year, most notably with Stfan liv (who sadly died for 2 years ago) he could change his mask 4-6 times every year, no kidding!

    Yes I’m from sweden myself.
    My former “friend” who was also an goalie, even if he played in a very low level (the 6th highest level in swedish system aka div4 if I recalls right), he did also change his mask unbelievably often and always with the most expensive ProMask models for +$1000-$1200 each plus the expenses for the paintjob!

  5. Paul Ipolito

    Pretty harsh critcism from the peanut gallery. How about when YOU become the starting goalie for NYR AND win a few Vezinas you show us your mask? Until then, relax.Maybe go walk the dog.

  6. John Blando

    Lundqvist’s mask art is awesome..His personality is coming through on his mask..Swedish Legends..that’s pretty cool..

  7. John Blando

    Oh yeah..that commercial is hysterical..