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Lundqvist’s Scary Reminder To Wear Neck Guard

Lundqvist’s Scary Reminder To Wear Neck Guard

There probably isn’t much more that New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist could have done to prevent from getting hit in the throat in a scary incident on Saturday: “The King” wears a dangler that hangs from his mask and a throat guard under a chest-and arm unit that includes both Carbon Fibre and Kevlar.

All that protection still wasn’t enough when the stick of Rangers forward Ryan McDonagh lifted Lundqvist’s mask up during a battle at the edge of the crease just as Brad Malone took a high shot from close range, dropping the goalie to the ice immediately and in obvious distress. Lundqvist stayed in the game, however, proving he’s more than just a pretty face:

Lundqvist admitted to the New York Daily News it took a while to get over the impact:

“The first couple (of) minutes it was for me to see, ‘Am I feeling better here?’ The first couple minutes were kind of tough to focus the same way, because I felt a little lightheaded. … I’m actually glad, it could have been worse. It could have been a lot worse if the helmet came off a little bit more and the shot was a little higher, but I feel lucky. … When I (got hit), (it was) obviously extremely painful and hard to breathe for a couple minute(s). I got very lightheaded and I got a little worried the first minute or so, but then they told me just to breathe and slowly I started to feel better.”

Lundqvist finished with 31 saves in the 4-1 win over Carolina, while also providing a good lesson for goalies everywhere: make sure you are well protected around the neck. As the images show, his neck protector actually absorbed some of the puck impact. The idea of going out there without any protection should be the only thing scarier than seeing Lundqvist get hit in the neck on this fluke play.

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  1. Micheline Irving

    Make sure you are well protected around the neck!!! As a mother of a goalie, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Lundqvist drop to ice in pain…thank God for his neck protector!

    • Joe Feeney

      Please watch eh video very carefully, the reason he was hit has nothing to do with his dangler, mask, neck/collar bone combination pad. The reason he was hit in the neck, is now out for at least four weeks and is having to be examined for a possibility of having a STROKE is because the player was in his crease, and then he had his mask lifted almost off his head by his captain! This is been typical and we seen numerous goaltenders seriously injured because it has been open season on goalies for the past several years.

  2. Joe Feeney

    IT is tough enough to play in the net, if the NHL wants more scoring, make it legitimate scoring!. Keep the forwards out of the crease!
    Defensive players keep out of your GOALIE’S WAY!!! Also high sticks need to be called when the goalie is hit in the head, by any player.

    Here the Ranger’s Captain high sticked his OWN GOALIE, and one of the best! HE came very close to causing a crushed larynx which was why the wrap around neck protectors were developed. it is very fortunate that Ludquist was not badly hurt.

    • Joe Feeney

      One addition, if you look, Lundquist is wearing about as much neck protection that is possible. He has the collarbone/ check piece that is under his arm and body, the clear dangler that hangs from his cage, and then a full length bill on his mask. THe only possible thing that he could possibly add would be the old school separate neck wrap, like Mike Liut wore to protect his adams apple, and this could still have happened. THe true reason, which the NHL network has yet to say, is that his OWN CAPTAIN HIGH STICKED HIM. Keep out of the Crease, and keep all players out of the crease unless the puck is already there! Time to go back to the crease violation rule!

  3. Stanleycup35

    This is why i never leave home without my dangle. I just bought a new mask two weeks ago and put my dangle on it, three shots into practice took a shot clean off of the dangle and it left a hellavua mark.