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Mike McKenna Pro Tip on Handling Tips and Traffic

Mike McKenna Pro Tip on Handling Tips and Traffic

Mike McKenna  Screen and Tip AdviceVeteran professional goaltender Mike Mckenna has been a regular contributor at InGoal Magazine over the years, and a reader favourite.

His complete breakdown of his equipment and why he wears it the way he does remains the most viewed online post in InGoal history, and his magazine article on puck handling, and how to develop a system to help your team get out of its own end last summer provided invaluable insight for goaltenders at all levels.

Currently playing with the AHL Peoria Rivermen as a member of the St. Louis Blues organization – a signing that fulfilled a lifelong dream of signing with his hometown NHL club – InGoal had the pleasure of spending some time with McKenna during a recent AHL road trip, and managed to get some photos of him working drills that focused on screens, tips and traffic during a lengthy morning practice. After looking over the photos, McKenna agreed to share some of his thoughts and advice on handling situations when a goaltender has to fight through a screen and deal with possible deflections from the player providing it.

McKenna’s illustrated advice included tips on everything from how to set up your equipment, to how much of a gap the goaltender should leave between themselves and a screening forward trying to deflect the puck, to how to find sight lines in varying situations, and some great advice on how to find a loose puck after a blind shot through traffic.

Read the entire article from McKenna in the January edition of InGoal Magazine.

Mike McKenna Screen and Tip Advice

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