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New Warrior Ritual G2 Most Innovative Gear Ever?

New Warrior Ritual G2 Most Innovative Gear Ever?

Warrior Ritual G2 SE Cover 250 pxWe understand if some see a headline like “Most Innovative Goalie Gear Ever” and immediately think it’s hyperbole.

In the case of the new Warrior Ritual G2 line, however, it’s hard to argue otherwise.

The pads weigh just over four pounds, have no traditional leather straps or toe tie (though both are included and can be added easily), the largest landing area on a knee stack we’ve ever seen, and the ability to adjust the thigh rise break on the fly.

And the gloves are even more innovative, with removable palms – that’s right, the palms can be taken out, cleaned and replaced in both the blocker and trapper – that provide levels of both durability and adjustability never seen before.

Best of all, these innovations work on the ice, not just in the laboratory, because the designers at Warrior are all goalies too.

So check out the special edition review issue, which includes a short video showing how easy it is to add padding into the glove – creating a practice palm in less than a minute is just one of many benefits of the removable palm – and you tell us if Warrior hasn’t provided another level of in the evolution of goaltending equipment.

After more than a month of secretly testing the Ritual G2, we’re pretty confident when we say they have.

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Anything that eliminates toe ties is a candidate for a Nobel Prize. Toe ties are evil!

    • Brick


      • Nick

        Honest question: What’s wrong with toe ties?

        • Kevin

          I find many things wrong with them. they are time consuming to tie to your skate. When wet they add weight. Some times in a game they unravel and wrap around your skate blade causing you to slip out. I find that to be comfortable I have a lot of slack between the skate and the toe-bridge that when moving my foot down the pad no longer wants to bend downward with my foot.

          If you don’t have any of these problems then I can understand why you would ask those questions.

  2. Angelo L

    Wow these look amazing I was disappointed when I loss the brians subzero pro 2 competition but these put them to shame it’s like my bauer one90s but better so much better

  3. Rob

    These are amazing. Can’t wait to see them in person.

    The ‘active response’ straps are indeed genius, HOWEVER, if the clips are made of plastic they will break immediately. Trust me. I’ve been using Flex Toe for years and unless the clips are high enough on your laces so that there is no way they can come into contact with a puck or stick etc, they break.

    Looking at these images the clips seem to be very exposed…

    • Kevin Woodley

      we had similar questions but they have had a set in play in Junior B for more than a year and 0 clip breakage … don’t judge by the bottom photo on page 4 as that one was set up to expose them on purpose and show you how they strapped in. The top photo on that page is a better representation and the clips are covered by the outer wrap

      • Ted Wilson

        Could not Warrior use a lightweight aluminum clip in the place of high tensility plastic clips? Especially for those au natural arenas in the west where ice surface temps can dip below 0c, and even outdoor rink weekend “warrior” (no pun intended) enthusiast making the plastic even more potentially compromised?

  4. JC

    I love that, among all the numerous new features added to the set, that they are still throwing in newly designed (and really well designed, by the looks of it) knee pads that will integrate well with the pads.

  5. Chris

    After purchasing and using innovative Warrior player equipment and watching it disintegrate over 2 months no matter how excited these changes make me I will never buy Warrior gear especially with the beating goalie equipment takes. Innovative yes Quality no.

    • Kevin Woodley

      can’t comment on your experience, and not sure what level of equipment you bought, but our original Ritual test set now has over 100 games and skates on it over 2 years and the pads are like brand new and the gloves have no more wear and tear than would be expected and still function perfectly

  6. AJ

    Is there any reason we can’t access this from New Zealand? Keeps coming back with error 520…

    • David Hutchison

      I can check with our host, but I can assure you it isn’t intentional!

  7. Jason

    I have been using warrior ritual gear since it was released and I love it. The pads still stiff after almost 2 years of 2-4x a week of use. It is the best gear I have used. I was not in the market for new gear but I am reconsidering after seeing what warrior has done I may buy a set. Well done guys

  8. Andy

    My (around release date) Rituals have lasted extremely well, better than any set of pads I’ve ever owned.

    Have any of you guys got stung by a shot on the top of the foot by accidentally having the elastic toe strap too loose? What size thighrise did you guys have on the pads you were testing? Is the “Available Dec 3rd” accurate on the customizer page?

    • Kevin Woodley

      Availability date has been changed to Dec. 16 … our test pads were 34+1.5 … did not have anyone complain of a stinger atop toe because of elastic toe ties

  9. Billie

    When can stock intermediate pads be expected or any information on them? My son wants to know how long he needs to try not to grow out of his current pads.

  10. Andre

    I want to try the trapper and blocker. I’m a small goalie, so I use int. pro. Hope I can use the smaller palm sizes in senior line. Very nice set. Warrior probably will be the ones who get me away for Reebok.

  11. Mr.Shutout

    I dropped my mouth when I saw the picture. I’m a warrior fan and I expected something big but not this. How are they do the next pads. I’m amazed.

  12. Saul A.

    These pads are ugly as sin. In watching goalie pads evolve over the years, some pads are pretty good looking. Others, not so much. These have taken a turn in the direction of hideous. Although they seem to be innovative, aesthetics play a pretty big part as well. Haters gonna hate but I’ll stay true to my classic Vaughn Velocity’s.

  13. Pete Smith

    Keep in mind that your classic Vaughn Velocity’s were met with a similar reaction to yours when they came out in 2000. There were many people that acted as if the Velocity was an attack on all that was sacred about goalie pads. We all know how that turned out.

    • Bigguy

      I think they look awesome! I am one year in Rituals, love them! Great quality, like tradition, go back to Deer Hair.

      • Saul A.

        Agreed. Anything new might be perceived as awkward or ugly. I’m just big on aesthetics as well as functionality. A lot of the pads that have come out lately(within the past few years) have served both. I just like the look of my Vaughn 7460’s.

  14. Jesse

    Surprised no one’s asked the big question yet: When’s the Ingoal/Warrior G2 competition coming???

  15. Christopher Reif

    MAN!!! And I thought Brian’s “Innovative”. Warrior has certainly set the bar with this new line of equipment. I have never been this excited about any piece of equipment before! Not even the Sub Zero 2’s, and that was very impressive.

  16. Kevin

    On the original rituals you were able to adjust the heel strap so the pad can sit further down or up the skate. Is this possible with the active response straps?

  17. getdusty

    Time to sell the V5’s and get a set of these… I’ve owned V2s, V3s, V4s and now V5s, the latest are by far the worst that Vaughn has put out. Looks like Pete Smith has figured out everything that’s wrong with the current Vaughn design and fixed it! No more bruises on the outer calf, no fiddling with toe ties that can break or get cut causing slip outs, no more knee strain from my knee pads pulling my knee cap sideways from being too tight in the knee lock, quick in and out of the pads, no giant gap at the thigh rise when in the butterfly, no nylon cloth binding or stitching in the landing area to slow you down and flexible strapping that allows you to move but keeps the pad secure. Can’t wait to try a set!

    • Ted

      Well said!! When we first saw the G2 special write-up/testing of these pads… We were sold!

      On Dec. 30 we ordered our first custom set (sweet colors coming!) – anxious for my 14-year old boy to start testing them! Should be ready for BAAA evals that start Aug. 29 ’14!

      Good Luck to you get dusty! 🙂

  18. DenZel_84

    I used these last week for 45 minutes at the Total Hockey goalie demo in MN. They were amazing. My favorite features were the elastic toe strap, option to keep them flat or curve them… They are incredibly light weight. Putting them on is so dam fast. The elastic tie downs are 100% ideal to those who have trouble with lace tie downs like myself. I plan on buying a pair. Look on YouTube for the 12 minute video that explains every feature of these. I love these pads.

  19. xerogold

    I just started playing hockey in the past 3 months including learning to skate. All my equipment except the helmet and stick is used and old (not counting things one shouldnt buy used). I was asked to play goalie since the league needed them. I said ok, asked when and how hockey was played.
    I played 4 games with some old vaughn velocity pads with thigh gaurds. I was nervous about doing butterflies, the toe straps would break, I would get bruises from the leg straps around my knees or the pads would be so loose i would trip on them while moving. And they are heavy.
    3 days ago I bought the warior ritual g2. I discovered i can move, butterfly, kick,jump, pad stays on my leg, where i want it, doesnt trip me. I like the elastic becuase of the much less pressure on my foot. I added extra foam to the knee pad for landing (not to the knee stack). I found these really changed my game (what little game i had developed in 5 games).

  20. ian

    are the g2s wider than the g1s? i find that my g1s are a little bit narrow

  21. Jacob

    These or the Bauer .9i. I play high school hockey so which one?