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Panthers’ Clemmensen Salutes Jimmy Buffett on New Florida Mask

Panthers’ Clemmensen Salutes Jimmy Buffett on New Florida Mask

Florida Panthers Goaltender Scott Clemmensen MaskFlorida goaltender Scott Clemmensen is taking Panthers fans to “Margaritaville” with a tribute to musician Jimmy Buffet on his new mask, including a nod to an album that featured that famous song on one side, and a parrot on the backplate.

The compass on the left side of the mask is in reference to the cover for Buffett’s 1977 “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes” album, which included “Margaritaville,” and the parrot on the back references the “Parrotheads” nickname given to the singer’s loyal followers. It seems Clemmensen is among them.

Artist Mark Hart of Hart Designs explained Clemmensen’s new look.

“Scott likes his masks to be bold graphics,” Hart said. “He’s not into the fancy detail I do on other masks. We based this mask again on his favorite musician Jimmy Buffet. The compass is interpreted from one of his album covers. While Scott and I came up with a graphic sun for the other side. On the compass side are the initials of his wife and children. On the back is superimposed parts of the sun and compass and, like always, his Parrot.”

Check out Hart Designs website for more of Mark’s designs, and read the latest edition of InGoal Magazine for Clemmensen’s thoughts on the new hinged plastic-capped arm protection in the revolutionary new Warrior Ritual Pro Chest-and-Arm unit, an outside-the-box piece of equipment that eliminates all arm stingers.

And for all the new NHL paint jobs this season, be sure to look through InGoal’s mask page.

In the meantime, enjoy Clemmensen’s new lid (with or without a Margarita):

Florida Panthers Goaltender Scott Clemmensen Mask

Florida Panthers Goaltender Scott Clemmensen Mask

Florida Panthers Goaltender Scott Clemmensen Mask

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    This is why hockey in Florida is a really, really bad idea.

    • Heather Lynn

      Ummm. Hockey in FL is not that bad lol. And Jimmy Buffett has been around for over 30yrs. He’s obviously done well for himself. Don’t knock on art, unless you think you can do better.
      -A loyal Bruins fan & the daughter of a Parrothead.

  2. Pinto Beanz

    Hi Potvin inspired masks were GREAT !!!
    This one……… not so much

  3. françois

    One of the ugliest one I saw…

  4. Ted Byrt

    U kidding me? Freaking guys ! This is awesome – way to go!
    That’s for the nod to a great entertainer .

  5. Adam E

    I kind of like it. Mid 90s-ish

  6. Soleil

    I think his helmet is perfect for a Parrothead goalie for the Panthers! It’s his helmet and he likes it.

  7. James Fiorillo

    FINZ UP !!!

  8. jimb

    20 degrees and the hockey game is on…..

  9. Pete

    If you haven’t been to his concert, you wouldn’t appreciate the mask as well!