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Pielmeier’s new Anaheim mask flips script on Duck hunters

Pielmeier’s new Anaheim mask flips script on Duck hunters

Timo Pielmeier may be a real long shot to crack the Anaheim roster this season, but that doesn’t mean the young German-born prospect can’t have a little fun with the Ducks’ theme on his new mask for the 2011-12 season.

Dreamt up, designed and painted by the incredibly talented David Leroux of Diel Airbrush in Montreal, the new lid provides the Ducks mascot with a chance to turn the table on duck hunters everywhere.

“Timo always ask for the stop sign on the chin and then he lets me run with it,” Leroux wrote InGoal in an email Tuesday morning. “So for this year, I came up with a title to help me with the design: THE DUCKS REVENGE. I wanted to switch the situation, make the duck hunt the opponent or the hunter, so that the ducks become the hunter.”

The results are impressive, and will look even better once a gold cage is added. As for the backplate, Pielmeier always asks for the “old school Ducks logo,” the words, “Ducks Fly Together,” the German flag, and “PMTE,” which is for his family.

Be sure to check out more of Leroux’s great masks, including Ray Emery’s “Sugar Ray” lid from last season, at his Diel Airbrush site, as well as on Facebook, and as of Tuesday, on twitter too at @dielairbrush

Anaheim Ducks goalie Timo Pielmeier 2011 mask rt side

Anaheim Ducks goalie Timo Pielmeier 2011 mask back

Anaheim Ducks goalie Timo Pielmeier 2011 Mask lt side

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  1. Randy Obandy

    Very cool! Somewhat original too.

  2. Sven

    absolutely cool

  3. Nick H.

    Love it! The gold cage will complete it for sure.

  4. emma

    Pretty cool.

  5. Le T

    David Leroux is probably the best airbrush artist in the world

  6. IrbesGoaliePads

    ‘Ducks Fly Together’… awesome reference. Dog the Bounty Hunter lookin Duck on one side… brutal. Decent mask though.


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