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Predators’ 6-foot-6 rookie Anders Lindback enjoying bigger pads

Predators’ 6-foot-6 rookie Anders Lindback enjoying bigger pads


Nashville Predators Goalie Anders Lindback

Nashville Predators Goalie Anders Lindback dwarfs the net. (InGoal photo)

At 6-foot-6, Nashville’s Anders Lindback was one of the few National Hockey League goaltenders happy to hear the league was going to start using a sizing chart that linked physical size to equipment size this season.

It’s not that the Predators’ rookie backup was eager to jump to from the old 38-inch maximum to the 41-inch pad he is now allowed to wear based on the length of his legs.

It’s just that the massive 22-year-old Swedish stopper liked the idea of getting into the 39-inch pads he now wears because the knee cradle on the stock 38-inch pads he was originally wearing sat too low for him.

In other words, Lindback’s 39-inch Bauer is all natural – there are no pluses on the thigh rise to get to that height.

When your nickname is “Anders the Giant,” getting the right equipment isn’t always easy.

“It’s good for my knees,” Lindback explained of the inch he added during training camp. “I could probably use 41-inch pads without trouble but you never know when they are going to change the rules next time, so it’s better to stay with this.”

More great insights from Anders the Giant

Lindback was talking about his uniquely sized equipment as part of this week’s Ask A Pro segment, which allows InGoal Magazine readers to ask questions of NHL goaltenders and goalie coaches.

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Lindback, who says he is “not a huge gear guy” and just “wants to be comfortable,” also has length added (legally) to he arms of his otherwise stock chest and arm. He has been through a couple sets of pads this season, and two pairs of gloves. Besides not having any extra customized tweaks, the most shocking part of his equipment is the lack of a thicker-padded Reebok practice glove.

Lindback does, after all, have to face Nashville defenseman Shea Weber in practice.

That’s the same Weber whose slap shot actually went right through the back of the net while playing for Canada at the 2010 Olympics.

Lindback actually had a practice glove but got rid of it.

The temptation upon hearing that is to ask if he really is an old-school crazy goalie.

“I think it’s good to have the same feeling in practice,” he said matter-of-factly, noting with a wry smile that you don’t get stingers if you catch the puck properly in the pocket.

“So it motivates you to track it even better.”

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    I’m 6’4″ and it’s hard enough to find gear at my height let alone this guy!