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PredsTV Shows a Day in the Life of Rinne, Hutton

PredsTV Shows a Day in the Life of Rinne, Hutton

PredsTV does fantastic work documenting the Nashville Predators, and the latest episode of their “Beneath the Ice” series is no exception.

They previously placed a microphone on Pekka Rinne at practice, which was great, but now they have gone a step further. They slapped a Go-Pro on Rinne’s mask at practice and followed both of the teams’ goaltenders around for an entire day. It’s a rare glimpse into the life of an NHL goaltender, and shows the truly great relationship that backup Carter Hutton has with Rinne. They also spend time interviewing their goaltending coach Ben Vanderklok, which is very insightful.

Watch the full ten-minute clip below:

Hutton is known around the league for his great personality, but this video really shows how he keeps things positive for his starter – a quietly important role of a backup keeper.

This episode also deals with the “goalie interference” situation that extended Patrick Kane’s point streak, and was covered earlier in the week here on InGoal. It’s pretty remarkable how easily they were able to shake it off and move on from it so quickly. The interviews conducted with both of the goaltenders are also very well done.

Here’s hoping that PredsTV does more stuff like this in the future!

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Greg Balloch

Greg Balloch is a Vancouver-based writer for InGoal Magazine, broadcaster for Sportsnet 650, and goaltending coach. His career began in Hamilton, Ontario with the Junior 'A' Hamilton Red Wings, before moving to Vancouver to cover the Canucks on the radio and work with the Surrey Eagles of the BCHL. A lifelong goaltender, he has been teaching the position for over a decade.


  1. randy

    with 4 million cameras watching every move on the ice, I find it very frustrating to see a play develoip and not be able to see how the goalie starts to get set up. why cant we have a goalie camera at each game. This would so help us learn how a goalie is setting up once the offence gains possession, crossed the red line, the blue line, angle shots ect. Watch next game, we don’t see the goalie until lower hash marks,

    • Andrew

      If you use NHL Gamecenter, they have a goalie cam available for each game