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PREMIUM: Why do I suck?

Strategies for dealing with that feeling you can’t stop S#$% a beach ball

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I think I may have been feeling that at the moment in the photo above. Yes, that’s me in goal there. A lot of goaltenders will go through this in some practices and even in games. Where they have gotten to the point where they have whipped themselves into a state of frenzy, frustration, and negativity.

How did you get here? To this point of frustration and frenzy?

Let’s go back and trace the steps. You’re in practice and feeling pretty good. Then you don’t make a save.

Coach may say something to you, or maybe one of your teammates. Your focus has now gone from “Eyes on the Puck – Eyes on the Play” to being on you and maybe a little self doubt is creeping in. Then, maybe from something that was said and where your focus is now, you may have started asking your brain negative questions without even knowing it. “Why didn’t I stop that?” or “How come I can’t stop anything?”

The key is in the questions and ultimately the movies you run in your mind, which can come from those questions.

Let’s look at that question “Why didn’t I stop that?”

Now if you ask an open-ended question like that to your brain, which is the most powerful computer on the planet, you can get a ton of different answers coming back at you from your computer. A lot of them can be negative from the questions you asked, from previous negative self talk or from what you have heard at times in the past.

In this article published at InGoal Premium I go through a few things that you can do in detail:

Change the questions you ask yourself

Change the Pictures in Your Head

Change your Body Language

And it’s ALL under your control.

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