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Pro-Read with Frederik Andersen – Free Premium Preview

If you’ve been wondering what InGoal Premium is all about, we have opened up one of our most popular articles for everyone without a subscription to enjoy. Our Pro-Reads segment is our most read series on Premium. We share some saves with NHL goaltenders who break them down for us to tell us what they saw, what they were thinking and how they responded. Sometimes we get insights on the read itself – how they saw a players chance of shooting vs. passing, who the main threats were etc. Sometimes we learn about the save selection based on that read – maintaining certain depth for example, based on the secondary threat. While in other reads we learn something unexpected – how James Reimer likes to position himself when screened and why he lays it that way.

There is so much to learn here for everyone – these are read by literally everyone from pro goaltenders and their coaches to parents and young goaltenders just learning the position.

We have a dozen pro-reads published already with new content each week. Become a member and look for reads with Carey Price, James Reimer, Freddie Andersen, Craig Andersen, Mike Condon, Martin Jones and there will be lots more coming!

So if you aren’t sure if Premium is for you yet – check out this full article with Freddie Andersen on video  breaking down a save – then head over to our subscription page and sign up – for less than the cost of a skate sharpening each month you can sharpen your goalie mind!