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Dekanich Dropping Happy Bombs on new Winnipeg Jets Mask

Dekanich Dropping Happy Bombs on new Winnipeg Jets Mask

Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets maskIt may not be the dominant image on Mark Dekanich’s new Winnipeg Jets mask, but the maple leaves scattered all over are the most important part.

“I was very excited for my new mask after signing with a Canadian team for the first time in my pro career and wanted maple leaves all over it,” Dekanich, who is from North Vancouver, wrote in an email to InGoal, noting it also fit well with the Jets shoulder patch logo featured on the right side of the mask. “That was the one thing that I really wanted on the design, and I left the rest up to the artist.”

For Dekanich that artist was once again David Gunnarsson of DaveArt in Sweden. And once again the mask featured Dexter from the cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory, a play on his nickname, Dex, which is featured on the chin of the mask.

“Dexter has been a trademark for me since junior so in this version he is flying in a jet dropping bombs,” wrote Dekanich, who is on a two-way deal with Winnipeg, but signed an AHL contract with the Jets’ affiliate in St. John’s, Newfoundland. “Underneath the jet is a piece of the Ice Caps logo as we wanted to incorporate both the Jets and Caps logos.”

After missing almost all of last season – his first on a one-way NHL contract with Columbus – because of a serious misdiagnosed ankle injury that eventually required surgery, it was important for Dekanich to have a place to play despite the lockout.

That he gets to do it in style with the new mask from Gunnarsson is a bonus.

“I pretty much let Dave take over this one,” he said. “He always has awesome ideas and is uber-talented with the airbrush.”

And a good sense of pop culture, judging by what Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook entry for the mask: “Dex goes Tom Cruise and Top Gun and transforms himself into a fighter jet pilot … He jumped into his fighter jet plane and flies over the St John Ice Caps´s mountains…but watch out! He has dropped a bomb…and check it out, even if the bomb looks kind with the smiley…it is not, look closer…the power switch is turned on!”

Check out more from DaveArt on his twitter feed, and look for an in-depth feature on Dekanich’s long road back from injury in the upcoming InGoal Magazine. In the meantime, enjoy his new mask:

Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets mask

Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets mask

Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets mask

Mark Dekanich Winnipeg Jets mask

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Dan

    Thats awesome! Dexters La-bor-atory (as he would say) was my go to show for many years. It helped me get through middle school and parts of high school (haha)! Now its on some cartoon network I need to pay for 🙁 But an awesome mask Mark! I know Dexter added some sort of x ray vision so you can see through the annoying screens 😛

  2. Pat Roy

    Atrocious. Can you make the design any busier?


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