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Red Wings Mrazek Adds Snowman to Winter Mask

Red Wings Mrazek Adds Snowman to Winter Mask

Petr Mrazek SnowmanChinTightBy now most people have seen Petr Mrazek’s incredible custom snowman pads for the Winter Classic and HockeyTown Winter Festival.

Turns out the Detroit Red Wings puck-stopping prospect has a mask to match.

Painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx, the original plan was to just feature the logos and flags for the HockeyTown Winter Festival that is part of the Red Wings’ outdoor game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and includes  game between their AHL affiliates at the outdoor rink inside Comerica Park in downtown Detroit.

That would have been good enough for most, especially since Mrazek once again incorporated Peter Griffin from Family Guy on the mask (because his name is Petr and he plays for the Griffins), this time adding some hilarious touches to the infamous cartoon dad on the backplate below.

Then the guys at HeadStrongGrafx got a sneak peak at Mrazek’s eye-popping snowman and snowflake pads made by Vaughn Custom Sports (photo below).

“That gave me the idea to incorporate those elements into the mask as well,” Livery said. “We also added the Detroit Comerica Park with the Griffins vs Marlies on the top to give a warm, weathered newspaper look. The backplate obviously is the same same theme: Family Guy with an Elmer Fud hat, a missing tooth, and the vintage Griffins jersey that will be worn in that game.”

Livery actually painted two snowman masks for Mrazek, and one will be auctioned off after the game between the Griffins and Marlies.

You can find more great masks from Livery, including another Winter Festival mask for Griffins goalie Thomas McCollum that features Chris Farley as Tommy Boy, on the HeadStrongGrafx website, as well as on Twitter, and FaceBook. But for now, enjoy these closeups of Mrazek’s snowman mask:

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask  Peter Griffin backplate

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask left side

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask right side

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask both sides

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask X2

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask poster

Petr Mrazek Winter Classic Mask Snowman chin

Snowman Pads by Vaughn


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  1. Warren Shapiro

    Nice touch on the mask. It tells who’s playing . It’s so nice I could even use this as an ornament for a Christmas tree. The snowflakes are very distinctive. Shouldn’t the snow be smiling your are playing outside? The head plate tells the type of person he (the goaltender) Now for the pads they are cleaver representing the holiday. The only thing missing is a bow on each. So hockey fans I hope everybody has a great holiday season. HO HO HO!!!!!

  2. bill

    Too bad he didn’t play during the entire festival