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Reebok 4K Not Child’s Play: Pro Feel and Look Impress Kids

Reebok 4K Not Child’s Play: Pro Feel and Look Impress Kids


InGoal typically begins equipment reviews at with technical specifications and features, evaluating a product’s strengths and weaknesses to tell our readers what type of goaltender’s game each product suits.

We were excited to get our hands on the Reebok 4K Youth equipment because we were so impressed when we reviewed the new Premiere 4 (P4) line that debuted last season. Now, after putting the 4K youth gear through its paces, the features and performance are solid, but the Reebok Brand holds more power than any technical facts – even with the youngest of consumers.

Our primary tester, who has seen enough gear to know his way around breaks and knee stacks and toe ties even at a young age had but one thing to say as his eyes lit up, “those are the same as Marc-Andre Fleury’s pads!”

Even teenage goalies sporting high-end gear were saying things like, “those are P4s – that kid has better gear than I do!”

Despite being very clear that the most significant thing making these “P4s” is the graphic on the front, the same teens who discuss the minutest detail in their gear were mesmerized by the power of the Reebok brand. In many ways our story begins and ends there.

Put your youngster in the Youth 4K gear and you’re almost certain to see a smile on his face that will last a very long time.

Of course beauty is only skin deep and we looked more closely at the equipment.

Read what we found in the October edition of InGoal Magazine.

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