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Reebok Review: P4 Innovations Extend into Reebok 18K Models

Reebok Review: P4 Innovations Extend into Reebok 18K Models

Reebok P4 Testing with InGoal MagazineInGoal Magazine was the first with a full review of Reebok’s new P4 line last year, outlining in detail the on-ice performance benefits that came with a long list of innovations and extensive list of new strapping options to suit a wider variety of goaltending styles and preferences.

The complete Reebok P4 review is still available in the February edition of the magazine, including an in-depth look at features that improve the way the pads sealed the ice and helped close the five-hole (among others). But what many goaltenders may not realize is those same features that pro goaltenders fell in love with on the top-level pads, including Reebok’s Max Coverage knee stacks, Quick Release knee cradle and Solid Seal lower calf concepts, are also available in a lower price point in Reebok’s P4 18K model.

The 18K P4 also comes with a softer boot flex that many pros, including Colorado’s Jean-Sebastien Giguere, switched to the in the P4. And while there are no breaks in the outer roll of the 18K model, there are internal breaks both below and above the knee, creating enough flex to break the the pad it to wrapped in front of the knees as you drop into the butterfly – and the outer roll maintains enough rigidity it won’t break down.

The P4 18K also comes with a one-piece cuff on the glove, something only available at the pro level of previous lines. For more of the differences between the top-level P4 and the 18K, we turn you over to these videos featuring Sonya Di Biase, the Product Manager for Reebok Goaltending, and Mike Bruins, the Goalie Specialist at Total Goalie, who also has the full list of 18K pricing:


Reebok P4 18K Leg Pads

Reebok P4 18K Gloves

Reebok P4 18K Blockers

As Dibiase mentioned in the Goalie Talk sessions with Total Goalie, the 18K glove comes stick with Reebok’s 590 break, whereas P4 orders can also opt for a 580 break. To understand the differences, be sure to check out InGoal’s article from the July issue. And for more on the 18K lines, check out Total Goalies Sneak Peak videos from earlier 2012:

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