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Reebok/CCM/Eli Wilson Contest Winners

Reebok/CCM/Eli Wilson Contest Winners

Congratulations to all who took part in the Reebok/CCM/Eli Wilson Goaltending contest presented by InGoal Magazine – more than 9,000 of you! Our winners have been drawn and we have heard back from each of them over the weekend.

Grand Prize

Mitchel Palko is a midget goaltender from Waterford, ON who has been playing hockey for nine years, and the last seven in goal. His father encouraged him to spend a few years playing as a forward rather than specializing too early – something we at InGoal encourage parents of young goalies to consider.

Mitchel volunteers his time as a goaltending coach in his local association as well as playing as often as he can.

Mitchel’s father reports that, “his favourite goalie is Carey Price, not just because Price plays for the Habs, but Mitchel tries to emulate his style of using size and positioning. He’s also a fan of Martin Brodeur. Mitchel plans to continue playing at as high a level as possible for years to come as well as getting out with the younger goalies.”

He’s excited to have won his choice of the new Reebok XLT or the CCM RetroFlex gear – early reports are he’ll go with CCM having spent “hours” on the CCM Retroflex customizer already trying to decide just the right combination for his new setup.

In addition to Mitchel winning, the Waterford District Minor Hockey Association will also be big winners. They’ll be receiving three sets of Reebok/CCM youth gear, ensuring the youngest ‘keepers get off to a great start. Association President Perry DePasquale sent his thanks along over the weekend as well:

“On behalf of Waterford & District Minor Hockey Association, I congratulate Tom and Mitchel for winning, and I thank InGoal Magazine and their sponsors for the sets of equipment which our association is to receive.  Receiving goalie equipment for our young players so they may experience the thrills of being a goalie without the parents added expense of the equipment.  Like every other association we have to develop goalie’s and this is the best way possible, letting young players use the association’s equipment.  Again, congratulations and thank you.”

One of the inspirations for giving the gear to an association was our collective desire to help as many youngsters as possible. Reebok/CCM, InGoal and Eli Wilson all made a donation to see this happen. In fact, Eli Wilson Goaltending wants to help as many as possible so they have started a foundation to support goalies who can afford camps and gear – even if they don’t attend an Eli Wilson Camp. If you know someone who could benefit, please have a look at their new program.

Second Place

Second place int he contest went to Austin Johnson of Grand Forks, ND.

He’ll be receiving a pair of CCM Pro 500 goal sticks and will be attending an Eli Wilson camp in Saskatchewan this summer. Austin is in eight grade playing in the Grand Forks Youth Hockey Association as a pee wee. Like Mitchel, Austin lists Carey Price as his favourite NHL goaltender as well as Corey Crawford.

Third Place

Our third place winner, Shaun Fleming, will also be attending an Eli Wilson Camp this summer. Shaun is a midget goaltender from Regina, hoping to play in the Saskatchewan Midget AAA league this season.


While the draw is completely random in any InGoal contest, we always find pulling those lucky winners’ names the toughest part of any promotion here. Just leaf through the comments and see all the great people who would benefit from the gear being given away and you can imagine how we’d love to be able to help everyone. We also see the inevitable “would love to see a girl win” pop up when we announce the winners – and we would too! But this wouldn’t be legal unless it was a random draw and the simple fact is the vast majority of entrants are male.

We did try to address our desire to help more young goalies with the gear going to the Waterford Association – we expect those three sets will help countless youngsters over the years. But hang in there folks – there will be more contests coming and one day maybe the odds will tip in your favour!

Once agin, our sincere thanks to everyone who made this fantastic contest possible:

Eli Wilson Goaltending

Reebok Hockey

CCM Hockey

and of course all of us here at InGoal Magazine as well.

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  1. Jacob Simas

    Didnt think i was that lucky to win but thanks anyways maybe next time

  2. luka

    was it even possible for a goalie from europe to win?

    • David Hutchison

      Yes for sure but honestly very few euro entries came in.

  3. Kory D

    Can a hard working goalie from florida or at least the south ever be picked for this stuff instead of canadians and northerners who have it so good up there. I know its random but cmon what the hell. And it doesnt have to be me just someone where it hard to play hockey out off. Still love ya InGoal!

    • David Hutchison

      The Vaughn ventus went to a southerner. Keep playin!

  4. Richard St-Onge

    Any hints on the next one lined up David? Curious as I am 😉

    And you know, maybe doing more coverage of female elite goalies from Canada/USA to overseas, and on the WNHL and such might garner more interest from female goalies, young and old. We guys and gals all share the same passion but, in slight retrospec, the ladies do have their own little thing going on that they might like reading and relating to. Things such as competing for space (battle of the sexes), and slight gear differences, and the lack of “sources” to play professionally, etc. Something to think about.

    Btw, I think it’s time you covered another Canadian based/production gear company, ie McKenney, Battram, Viper, etc.

    Stop you later,