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Reto Berra Cowboys Up on New Calgary Flames Mask

Reto Berra Cowboys Up on New Calgary Flames Mask

Reto Berra Calgary Flames Mask left sideSwiss stopper Reto Berra has decided to play to his new home crowd by adding a rodeo cowboy to his new Calgary Flames mask.

Painted by Jason Livery of HeadStrongGrafx, Berra’s new lid features a steer roping cowboy going to work with his lasso on the left side, which is topped off by an image of the Calgary skyline that prominently features the Flames’ Saddledome home.

Livery, who is based in Missouri, said they brainstormed the idea when Berra and the Flames visited St. Louis to play the Blues recently, a trip that also produced playing partner Karri Ramo’s Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven” mask.

“He wanted to associate the mask with Calgary and a rodeo image,” Livery said.

Beyond that, Livery said Berra wanted his “family crest on the back with a cognac wicket bottle. He also LOVES feathers so we incorporated those in the chin.”

We’ll have to ask Berra about the significance of the cognac bottle, which you can see sitting just above the stylish family crest on backplate in the pictures below. The right side features the Flames “C” below a Maple Leaf and the Swiss flag.

You can find more great masks from Livery on the HeadStrongGrafx website, as well as on Twitter, and FaceBook. But for now, enjoy these closeups of Berra’s new mask:


Reto Berra Calgary Flames Mask left side

Reto Berra Calgary Flames Mask  right side

Reto Berra Calgary Flames Mask  backplate

Reto Berra Calgary Flames Mask front


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  1. Matt

    Nice mask, but it seems the red is a little too dark. Maybe he’ll only wear it with their alternate sweaters? Also, Berra’s worn an Airxess (Swiss made) mask the past few seasons, even currently in Calgary, so I wonder why he decided to switch to what looks like a commercial, off the shelf Bauer 961 (based on the ear hole placement being further apart). I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone, just wondering why he made the switch?

      • Matt

        That sounds pretty reasonable, but I think he may wear it with the alternate sweaters as well. I’ve also read people claiming of equipment managers in the past forcing their goalie(s) to switch from X mask brand to Y mask brand, but I doubt that is the case in this situation.

          • Matt

            Thanks for the response. I guess they want him in something tried and true rather than a mask that to date only Jonas Hiller has worn otherwise in the NHL with some previous issues. Sounds like a good reason to me, if indeed that is it.

  2. Warren Shapiro

    Fans of Calgary if you want I definition of Calgary it fits this mask. Calgary is known for the cowboys and its on the mask. The picture is really the rodeo that Calgary has at the stampede at the Saddledome.
    I really like the big “C” on the side of the mask. The way you showed the Indians is really cleaver.(feathers) The use of colors are great. The only I don’t like is the head plate it’s confusing.